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    I met my lovely husband in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and it was truly love at first sight. I always believed in soul mates, but getting to experience it first hand has truly been a blessing! We married 6 months after meeting and look forward to spoiling our grandchildren <3

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  1. We’ll see.... not even sure they’re being sent now - just a “service inquiry “ at this point..... **sigh** we at at least have their passports stamped & the approval letters...... and enough to keep us busy instead of watching the mailbox daily (trying to, at least)! 😂😂
  2. Hey peeps! Still lurking and virtually high-fiving the approvals as they come in, and cheering on those still waiting..... So now Here's screwy update for ya..... So I got the 10 year card for myself, and all three approval letters (daughters and myself) at the same time. No further word about the kids' cards...... I finally call USCIS (UGH) this morning. After spending 25 minutes going through the verification of details and being put on hold after every other question, the rep finally says she's going to open a ticket for each daughter because their cards were never sent to production!!!!! **banging head on wall*** So I'm right in between - celebrating the receipt of my card, but still in the waiting game for my daughters.......
  3. Oh wow!! I had a Grumpy Gus when I did my Nexus 'interview' To be honest, I had not gone back and updated my Nexus info after that initial one!! Not once in crossing the border frequently, or the flights from Detroit-Toronto-Halifax or the Detroit-Orlando (that we just came back from) said a single word about the info in my profile!! I took some time to figure out how to log-in, and managed to update my mailing address & GC expiry date (with the 10 yr card date) and otherwise seemed fine..... My card is coming up for renewal 12/2019 so I'll update job, residence address then....
  4. So my new card came in today (yay!), the approval letters for myself & daughters... but no word on their cards!! Ugh!!
  5. Just saw the email that my daughters and I each have an "Official Envelope" coming in the mail today as well
  6. Been a really busy week at work - I come back and **BAM** approvals falling all around! CONGRATS ALL RECENT APPROVALS <3 and HANG IN THERE, my friends!!! I was mentally prepared to be the last or second last July filer to be approved so this caught me by surprise! We will be cheering with you sooner rather than later <3 <3 <3 Any July Filers here not applying for N-400 anytime soon?? We're not..... we have some time to decide (want to make the decision to allow time for it to happen before kids age out) but I think we'll take some time away from the grind before going down that road... LOL
  7. Service Center: CSC First 5 Digits from WAC/EAC Receipt #: WAC17283003XX NOA1 Date: July 11, 2017 Filed N-400?: No Case Transferred?: yes, If yes, provide to what service center? On what date?: TSC 9/20/18 Approved?: Looks like it If yes, what was the date of your approval?: TSC 9/20/18 If yes, did you have a RFE (Request for Evidence)? On what date?: No If yes, did you have an interview? On what date?: No
  8. Woot!!!!!!!! my turn :) just got the text there has been an update....
  9. No I think we've got a good handle on the numbers... you're 17-279...three before her 17-282... and NOA date is three days prior as well... I'm 17-283 = 7/11/17 Not that these really mean much - they would if TSC / CSC went in order.... but that may be some seriously wishful thinking! LOL!!
  10. ...4 cases before mine was approved a couple days ago..... I'm now watching about 30-ish cases (20 before me and 10 after)...of those 5 approvals, 1 RFE
  11. still watching and waiting..... case transferred last month to TSC..... mentally preparing to see it by xmas (fingers crossed it's sooner)
  12. two cases sorta near mine in the WAC17283003XX have been approved! Dare I hope we see our cards before the US Thanksgiving?! LOL
  13. that is an incredible job!! I'm 283 so watching them start to touch some of these gives me a teeny glimmer of hope that we may see our new cards before xmas LOL
  14. I'm early-ish July too.... I don't dare start getting my hopes up.... but damn that would be nice!!
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