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  1. Congrats Bebeu! We were in the same boat OPT, then H1-B, GC and will be a citizen in 3 days. I received my notice for the oath ceremony today 10/16 with the ceremony being this Friday 10/19; 1 day before my birthday. Great birthday gift! Can someone update my info please.
  2. Congrats! That was fast. I am still waiting on mine.
  3. I had my interview this morning 9/17. It was pretty straight forward. I was asked to read and then write an answer after I was sworn in. The uscis agent proceeded with the questions. 1. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence 2. Who is the commander in chief of the military 3. What is the political party of the president 4. What are the two political parties 5. Name 3 of the original colonies 6. Name a state that borders Mexico After these questions, we went over my N-400 questions. I gave her our 2017 tax transcripts and the deed for the house. And that was it. Waiting on the oath ceremony to be scheduled.
  4. I received the notification that my interview has been scheduled on Thursday 8/9 and received the actual notification on Tuesday 8/14, so in less than a week. You can call and inquire about it.
  5. Can someone please update my info. Interview letter received 8/14/2018 Interview scheduled for 9/17/2018 Thanks.
  6. i have received some text and email notifications yesterday and today again about some updates on my green card case. I received my green in June of last year 😂 and as everyone on here I am waiting on an interview date for the citizenship, so it is strange to get these notifications. Has anyone received such notifications? I’m assuming uscis is updating its website.
  7. If your relationship is real, then you shouldn’t be worried. I was on an F1 visa myself, and later was sponsored for an H1B. We got married 4 months after I got my H1-B visa. There were too many restrictions on the H1-B visa, so we opted for marriage and go though the green card process. The only question we got during our interview for the green card was “How did you meet ?”. Thr immigraiton has changed quite a bit with the new government, so I wouldn’t advise her to go out unless she is enrolled in a PhD program or another program. The F1 visa has some limitations. I had a good friend of mine who went home to visit during summer and had to renew his F1 visa before returning and it was denied the visa. He was even enrolled in a graduate program after his OPT. But again each case is different, and also the country might make a difference. Marriage is is the best option, tu don’t rush into it. Some people come on a tourist visa and get married and still get their green card. So, if your relationship is real and you can provide whatever proofs the immigration asks during the process you should be fine. Best of luck!
  8. Can anyone update my data please? My field office is Atlanta, GA. Someone corrected it several weeks ago, but for some reasons, i am still seeing the wrong info posted. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone please update my status?. I can’t do so from my tablet: Poobee 11/20/2017 - In line for interview The local office is Atlanta, GA
  10. Can someone update the list with my info below? My receipt and biometric notice finally came in the mail today. The receipt was torn in 2 pieces, but the biometric was intact. N-400: October 2017 Applicants ================================== Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ================================== UserName: Poobee GC-Date: 7/31/2014 Sent 10/16/2017 Cashd:10/18/17 NOA: 10/20/17 Fprints: 11/16/17