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  1. Congrats. I wish I was never transferred form VSC to TSC now, seems in the efforts to clear the backlog they've sorta filed the transferrers to the back of the ever increasing queue How frustrating is this !!
  2. Im in the same situation, also seeing none transfers from VSC to TSC June filers getting approved. There really is no method on how they sort through application, it is like a lottery as to when your file gets touched
  3. The same, what puzzles me is there are people who filed two months after to VSC getting approved. I guess they pick up a random pile to process rather than in any particular order. I got transferred from VSC to TSC 62 days ago, since then ...... Nadda!
  4. I agree. I guess you were transfered to TSC or did you manage to stay with VSC?
  5. So I had to renew my driving license yesterday using my 18month extension letter and expired green card. Everything was fine until they present you with your license which is only valid until December this year, thats when the extension letter expires, stating you really need to get that letter renewed. 🤬 like I dont know that!! So in all, I have had 4 driving licenses here each costing $24 each and another to renew by the end of the year. This is just plain stupid. VSC April 2018 filer transferred to TSC March 2019 and still nothing
  6. This is our week *crosses fingers* Good luck to everyone lets hope we get a large number of approvals! 👍
  7. So to clarify, it appears CSC are processing 👍 VSC are processing 👍 Transfers too NSC and TSC are sat in a tray gathering dust? 👎
  8. Transfered to TSC in March 19th, as many others - nothing yet. It becomes frustrating when you seen VSC filers without the transfer getting approved. I guess its the luck of the draw
  9. Got the transfer notice in the mail today. Texas ... come one get a rush on 🤣
  10. Same as mine, maybe today they'll be a 3rd email saying its staying at VSC 🤔🤣
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