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  1. Reading the replies to this makes understand what is meant by the term 'ugly American'.
  2. There is no need for anything other than a courthouse wedding. The only requirement is that you get married within 90 days.Yes saying that you intend to have a court house wedding is sufficient.
  3. Unfortunately if they call before the 8 weeks is over it's usually bad news.
  4. Yes, I do. Not only in the Philippines but also in the US. I don't understand why people with so much are so opposed to sharing an occasional peso or dollar with those who have so little.
  5. Like everyone else, we received an I-797 notice of action extending my wife's legal residency to 18 months past the expiration date of her 2 year green card. We went to the DMV in North Carolina to extend her drivers license so that see can keep working past the 1 year expiration date. The DMV refused to extend her license saying that according to their system an I-797 Notice of action can only be used to allow her to drive for 1 year beyond the expiration of her en card. Despite seeing the 18 month extension on the I-797 they refused to accept it. Anyone else experienced this? Without a drivers license my wife will have to quit her job. Any other options for her to prove legal residency?
  6. If I remember correctly it was not very long. I think she started treatment with in a week or two being notified. Honestly that period of time is a bit of a blur. B
  7. If it hasn't been 8 weeks then likely it's positive. This is exactly what happened with us. My fiancé received the dreaded call at about 6 weeks and then came 6 moths + in Manila. It's hard , but if it is positive having the piece of mind that she will be cured of a disease that kills people is a comfort. My fiancé (now wife for over 3 years) made several close friends during her treatment. They are all now in the US and although for the most part they don't live in the same area they still talk and support each other. Make sure she knows that this changes nothing....my fiancés biggest fear was that would I dump her (it happened to a person she knew). In a weird way I think that it strengthened our relationship. She knew I was in it for the long haul. Best of luck to you and your fiancé,
  8. What is irresponsible is suggesting that it is a scam with no evidence at all....
  9. My wife stayed in a s place called Pacific Palisades Condominium. 1151 Maria Orosa Street, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: +63 2 526 8981. She had a studio apartment that was about 17000 a month. It had 24 hour security and was about 4 or 5 minute walk from St Lukes. Not sure if they have anything other than studios.
  10. Yes. When we went , they asked my wife if she wanted to do both at the same time. Go early, it was crowded when we were there.
  11. extremely BAD idea, the possibility exists that you will have to start over with a CR1 visa
  12. First she turned to me and said " I dont understand' then after a brief clarification she answered No No No 😀
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