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  1. bowens44

    Positive TB test

    What is irresponsible is suggesting that it is a scam with no evidence at all....
  2. My wife stayed in a s place called Pacific Palisades Condominium. 1151 Maria Orosa Street, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: +63 2 526 8981. She had a studio apartment that was about 17000 a month. It had 24 hour security and was about 4 or 5 minute walk from St Lukes. Not sure if they have anything other than studios.
  3. bowens44

    For Filipinos:ROM and Passport Renewal at DC

    Yes. When we went , they asked my wife if she wanted to do both at the same time. Go early, it was crowded when we were there.
  4. extremely BAD idea, the possibility exists that you will have to start over with a CR1 visa
  5. First she turned to me and said " I dont understand' then after a brief clarification she answered No No No 😀
  6. My wife was asked if she was a terrorist, was she there to overthrow the government of the US and if she has ever been or intended to be a human trafficker...... this was the interview for the conditional green card
  7. We filed I-751 for ROC for 10 year green card last April . I am the USC, my wife came here on K-1 VISA. There is a real possibility that my job will be out sourced. If I lose my job will this affect the removal of conditions for my wife?
  8. bowens44

    Sending MAIL to the Philipines

    I had about an 80% failure rate using US Mail....Fed Ex.......is the way to go
  9. bowens44

    Chances of being able to fly back together?

    It would be nice for you to be there at the interview but IMO probably better to be with her for the long flight and entry into the US especially if she is afraid of flying. I went for the interview and my wife ended up needing sputum testing so no interview and I had to fly back for work. After that was all over she went to the interview alone, it was easy. I flew back after she has her VISA in hand, we had a big going away party for family and then we flew back to the US together. The process at POW was scary for her even with me there.
  10. One of the requirements when filing for K1 is a letter of intent to marry from each of them.........that sounds a lot like a proposal offered and accepted . This wont be an issue.
  11. We always stay at the Manila Airport Hotel. Inexpensive, clean ,safe and free shuttle service to and from the airport. It's very close to the airport. Hotel: Manila Airport Hotel, Manila Airport Hotel 99 Pal Drive Airlane Village NAIA Terminal 1 Paranaque, 1705 Philippines Tel: +632 854 7549 Fax: +632 854 7976
  12. bowens44

    Needless worry?

    I met my wife when she was 40, she had only about 1 year work experience in her entire life. It wasn't an issue for the K1
  13. It's not NBC making Trump look bad...it's truth that makes Trump look bad. If Trump his way the only immigration permitted will be 'merit based'.
  14. bowens44


    Letters are not required if you submitted sufficient evidence. We did not submit any letters. Did you send photos of the two of you together?