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  1. Sharing my experience: 1. arrived in NAIA Terminal 3, using my PH passport 2. queue 1 - show these 4 items (approx. 40 minutes in a line of about 100 people) a. boarding pass b. onehealthpass c. covid test result d. covid vaccine card I did not get asked for medical insurance and traze app. 3. queue 2 - after the boarding pass is stamped with "Verified" we proceeded to immigration line for the usual procedure. Note - the lines are a mess, I asked someone where PH passport holder should go and she said to pick any line. typical chaos. that's it! going down the escalator to baggage claim someone was checking boarding passes if stamped with Verified or not.
  2. Is travel insurance required for dual citizens? I am traveling with both PH and US passports thank you!
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