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  1. You dont need packet. My wife had same issue and when we asked, embassy confirmed that everything is electronics. We had no issues at POE. Good luck.
  2. My suggestion is, wait till your case reaches NVC. Because i did same and had no issues. Once your case is in NVC, just send them an email with new name and relevant document, they will update your case with updated name.
  3. Your understanding is correct.
  4. L1 is dual intent visa and having I-130 will have no negative effect on CR1. If you go through L1 and want your employer to file petition, it will be I-140 and if from your USC spouse, it will be I-130. My experience says: I-130 will be much easier to be approved by USCIS than employment based I-140 these days. Once you are in US on L1 visa > your spouse can file I-130 and I-485 together (this is optional, you can also file only I-130 and later I-485 for AOS if you want but filing together will save few months time), Source: i was on L1 once.
  5. Got interview letter few minutes back. CC: Dec 28 Interview: 04 Feb 2019 Post: Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. Seeing you all getting interview email is exciting. I called NVC this morning and customer rep confirmed they are scheduling interviews and gov shutdown is not affecting this part, your interview letters proves that too. i am hoping to get mine this week. Fingers crossed.
  7. NVC Case closed: Dec 28, 2018 Consulate: Nepal Waiting for interview date confirmation.
  8. Although you don't want to file I-130 until you leave the country but i highly suggest you to file your application as soon as possible, it doesn't matter if you are here or not when filing because you will choose 'Consular processing'. This process takes long time to complete and benefit of filing quicker is, you will be in line to be reviewed quicker. Many people file this way and had no issues. Important part is to leave the US before your authorized stay expires. If you have valid visa, you can keep visiting US during your process. I wish you all the best.
  9. so happy folks, i just got an email from NVC and when logged into CEAC, i saw documents were accepted and saw below message. Now i can celebrate new year with a smile, i am sure now they are working on Dec 13th cases.
  10. Wow this gives me hope, I had submitted on Dec 13th 🧐🧐
  11. I don’t think we neee to email, just called NVC and lady said it will take 3 weeks from submission.
  12. I am really hoping for case to be closed before new year but when i log into CEAC, still says 'submitted' and nothing else so not sure, i guess we just have to wait.
  13. I think its too early to be case closed for 18th. Mine was submitted on 13th and i am expecting to be closed before new year but it might be well after new year too. Lets keep each other updated.
  14. Airman


    This is strange, interview in a week, never heard of.Are you sure it is related to your N400 ? Even for biometric it takes a month or two. May be you want to read the notice again to make sure it is for N400 interview? Also have you received receipt notice of your application?