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  1. We bought our Labrador and cat here from New Zealand. Every countries requirements are different. We just had to show proof of vaccinations, internal and external parasite prevention up to date and they were free of any too. They had an additional exam done prior to departure stating that they were fit for travel and met the export requirements. We used Hawaiian airlines. A pet export company in your country will be able to help you with country specific requirements and travel arrangements for your dog.
  2. I have been in a very similar situation. I highly recommend waiting until she’s s a naturalised Citizen to leave, but that’s definitely a personal choice and one I’d wished I’d made looking back. My husband and I decided to move back to New Zealand once he was separated from the military, I had a conditional GC so I left a month before it expired. Once I got to NZ I filed the I-407 and surrendered my GC to the consulate in Auckland. We are now back in the US permanently and had to file a new IR1 petition. If we had waited and applied for the ROC and then naturalisation it would have been the smarter choice. If there is absolutely any chance that you will both want to visit the US in futures move back you must file that. They asked for my I-407 at my interview. If I hadn’t of filed that there would have been a bit of a headache apparently.
  3. TheHills

    NZ Police Certificate for NVC

    I scanned the police certificate request, and my email to the nzvetting email and then uploaded that to CEAC as proof that I’d applied for it. They accepted that with no issues 😊
  4. TheHills

    Moving back to Canada

    If it is possible to wait for your husband to get his US Citizenship before moving, then absolutely do it. You never know what the future will bring and that would make moving back to the US, if you decided to, that much easier. Long story short, my husband and I moved to New Zealand before I did ROC and then got citizenship, and we regretted it. We are now back in the USA permanently and we had a long process with refilling IR1 (not as long as others) plus my residency requirements to qualify for citizenship has started all over again. Good luck with whatever you decide 😊
  5. TheHills

    K1 Honduras medical exam

    He can go to his doctor and get blood drawn to send out for serology or titre test. He should take the list of vaccinations he needs for the medical exam and get them to test for those ones specifically. If it shows that he has immunity to them, then that could be used as proof of vaccination. I used my serology/titre test to show proof of my Varicella vaccination or immunity, as I lost my record of receiving the vaccination. If it shows that he doesn’t have immunity, then he can get the vaccinations done at his doctors, usually for cheaper than the immigration doctors. The medical exams only have 6 months validity once completed, so you should only do it once you have your visa interview date, or else it’s a big expense you may have to do twice! Also 6 months validity to enter the USA with an approved visa from the completed medical date. It would be a good idea to start on the vaccination serology soon, that way if he needs some he has plenty of time to do the whole series of vaccinations, as some have a 3 shot series. Good luck!
  6. Have her look at the visa foil that is inside the passport, it will say on it under the photo if anything is uploaded to The system they use at POE. I don’t believe they will allow her to enter without the packet or electronically uploaded documents. A more experienced member should be able to clarify this for you.
  7. My visa had some documents uploaded electronically, and the rest in the infamous packet. It stated under the photo on my visa what was uploaded and where. I believe if she’s had documents uploaded electronically, then it will probably say it there.
  8. TheHills

    Flight to the US

    Thank you! 😊
  9. TheHills

    Flight to the US

    Thanks everyone! I had my POE at Houston earlier today with zero issues for the whole trip. As you all said, I had nothing to worry about 😊
  10. TheHills

    Flight to the US

    Okay, great! Thank you @missileman and @Bill & Katya!
  11. I am flying out to the USA tomorrow evening on my IR1 visa. My POE is Houston. I’m just curious about when I go to check in for my flight, I shouldn’t have an issue checking in on a one way ticket with my IR1 visa, right? I tried to check in online and it won’t let me as I don’t have a return ticket and I’m a citizen of a VWP country (New Zealand). I’d love to hear any of your experiences on your one way flight to the USA! Thanks 😊
  12. TheHills

    Auckland Consulate Question

    Okay great, thank you!
  13. Quick question about the Auckland Consulate. Are there any toilets available while waiting for your interview? I know it’s a strange question, sorry, but I know I’ll have a long wait while I’m there, so I want to see if I should restrict my liquid intake before my interview. Thanks in advance!