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  1. Thanks for that! I always got told that if you bought a house or car to take the tax info with you to the tax people and they do something with that? I'm very unsure with all of this, sorry!
  2. It was finalized just before the end of 2019 so I would file single. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I will be filing my taxes for the first time since my divorce. I am slightly confused about what to file under and have received conflicting information. I was married up until December of last year, so my 2019 taxes were taxed as married up until my last paycheck for the year. For my 2019 taxes do I file as married filing separately or do I file as single? For anyone that has filed after a divorce, for your first filing did you use a tax filing service or do it yourself? I also bought a car by myself at the end of last year and I know you can do something with the taxes on that too. Any insight is appreciated!
  4. Me either. I just don't want to leave the country and then have an issue getting back in because of that. Do you think if I called the USCIS helpline they would know if I'd potentially run into any issues? I definitely feel like VisaJourney has much more knowledge on everything!
  5. That's a good idea! I know I've read somewhere before where to get the I-551 stamps, but I want to confirm that I am correct. It's at any Field office with an infopass appointment, right?
  6. Oh wow that's a huge time frame! Is Potomac the only office that processes them? I'm not really sure what to do then. Do you know if I can travel on my married name and then file it when I get home?
  7. Hi guys, Unfortunately my ex and I have just divorced. I have been granted a name change with the divorce, back to my maiden name. I know I'll need to update my new name with everything, I'm heading to the Social Security office today to get started with that. I have a couple of questions regarding getting a replacement green card and the time frame that it taking at the moment. How long is it taking for replacement green cards at the moment? I am supposed to be going back to NZ for my sisters wedding in March, for a week. I know my passport and green card need to match, so if I don't get my new green card in time with my maiden name on it can I use my married name to enter and exit? Even if it doesn't match my name on my SSN? I really appreciate any help! Thanks!
  8. How does the sponsor/petitioner do it online please? There’s no option to put US Citizen on the citizenship question.
  9. Hi all! Who else is a fellow February filer? I posted my package international courier to the Chicago Lockbox 2/2, it’s still sitting in LA waiting to clear customs. Fingers crossed it clears soon! Good luck to everyone on this journey!
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