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  1. Thank you! I also sent tons of evidences for removal of conditions. tons! so hopefully this would help
  2. Great to see everybody's timeline moving. Mine is still waiting for interview. I applied in NY, 5 years green card (divorced). Any advice for interview ? would they ask why I divorced, etc etc ?
  3. Same for me... just stuck on waiting for interview date. Question, do they ask the civil question at the interview or oath? I am confused as of when do I have to study the questions
  4. Case ETA went from May 2020 to April 2020 Not much.. But at least something.
  5. I got my appointment letter for biometrics online yesterday morning. Printed it out this morning. Appointment was August 5th 2019,i printed the online notice and walked in the biometric office this morning. No problem. Just don't mention your appointment date and time and all will be fine. They don't look at it... Everybody asking to walk-in was sent back... I just didn't say anything and no one saw the date. I've always done like this in the past years. Let's see if my estimated date will drop..
  6. My biometrics appointment letter arrived and it says for August 5th, I will walk-in tomorrow
  7. How long does it take to receive the e-document for the biometric on your online account ? I have been scheduled since friday but I haven't receive any document yet online
  8. Right. But that's the n400 online system that told me the earliest is the 07/17/2019. Online application ask you for your anniversary date on your green card and then allows you or not to file if 99 days before. You made me doubt for a second so I used the other uscis calculator and it says 07/17/2019 😊
  9. Just filed today, the website is acting very weird since their update on the 15th of July. What I did is keep refreshing the page that gives error, tons of time until it worked!! Good luck to everybody, let the countdown begin!!
  10. I think the 3 years rule is much much faster. I had two friends that did it two years ago and in 4 months they were all done and approved.
  11. Filing online tomorrow! Everything is ready. Became a Permanent resident October 15th 2014, and the earliest I can file is July 17th 2019
  12. Hello! I will be apply for citizenship next month, and my parents are currently in the US with an E2 visa expiring in 1 year or so. I tried to look on the forum for more detailed, but I only found detailed to file when parents live outside of the US Can someone help me with the process ? thanks a lot
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