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  1. if you are fluent in both languages English & Portuguese you can do it, don't need to be notarized or something
  2. No at all, but as soon you get all the papers ready pack everything and send it!
  3. there is no need to do a separated - just list her son in the affidavit
  4. evidence: immigration stamps, few pictures, letter of intent ............ then for the interview: letter from employer, I-134, call logs, and you know the rest.
  5. We just got approved last week in Colombia, me the petitioner 32 years older than my fiance, there was no issues at all, our case was well prepared, documented with all the evidence need it, passport stamps, pics, etc, we're both from same country, same language, no cultural barriers, at the interview i was present for the first few seconds after that she was on her own, the CO not even asked her or brought age difference.
  6. my 50 cents advice: If your fiance is not ready yet hold on till at least September and see if she decide to move on, then you have 2 months left to marry or else if visa was issued in May. If by September she's still undecided you guys may think if you want to continue the relation ship or not. This is based on my experience, man there is a lot of effort, money, emotional etc to get a K-1 visa and life is too short, you need to move forward with or without your fiance, don't get stuck in the limbo please.
  7. There was no questions directed to me, just my fiance @ interview.
  8. Mike, don't worry, I just got back from Colombia attending fiance's interview, is NOT ABOUT YOU, the fact that you're with your fiance make your case look better or strong, believe me, show up to the window with her, after they see you there they ask you to seat in the waiting area, presence matters!, you don't need to proof that you're legally or over-stayed will be simple, in a flash your fiance will be done after responding to simple questions about the relationship, to be exact 5 questions, HOW YOU GUYS MEET, WHAT ARE THE PLANS AFTER FIANCE ARRIVES, IF ANY COMMON FRIENDS, WHY SHE/HE LOVES YOU, HOW LONG THE RELATIONSHIP IS BEEN GOING ON.
  9. SHARING THE NEWS:: Our case was approved July 19 // Bogota Colombia Good luck to all ....... hope to see everyone moving forward soon! Regards,
  10. when you reach towards the end of your process they are going to ask you for 2x2 pictures again (beneficiary) ... taken no more than 6 months y that applies to you, you can re-submit those pictures otherwise NEED RECENT PICTURES
  11. Hold on: YOU NEED TO CONTACT NATIONAL VISA CENTER or https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx Using your USCIS case number when you call NVC, they ask couple questions before can provide your case number is a combination of 3 letters (depending of the country) and a combination of 10 digit numbers, hope it helps~
  12. Yes!!!, go to the county or court house and request a copy of your record, with the court seal on it, you better include that!!
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