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  1. I arrived to the US two months ago and we are now about to submit the AOS. We filled out all of our k1 visa paperwork using a specific address in Ohio. We are now in the process of selling that house and will be living in another property we own in the same state but nearby city. Do we need to update anything now, or can we submit paperwork or then adjust?
  2. good to hear... I asked because I saw on a thread that someone was denied because his instagram was based to target american women. Im mostly concerned because if you search for my name on google there are tons of people who post what i post on ig but they do on reddit or other sites and that can lead to some misunderstandings but maybe i am just being too paranoid.
  3. our appointment at the embassy of bogota is in 3 weeks and im a bit concerned they may reject me because of my social media. i dont have anything bad, but i have a lot of followers (50k) on my instagram where i post lots of pics (including with my bf of course but he doesnt like too much). if anything, i have posted several times on my histories about politics on how much i dislike communsim. i dont know if they would be concerned . my fear is that many of the people who follow me are from the US and i am very concerned they may think it is silly for someone to post selfies on instagram where random people she doesnt knows sees them
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