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    Simone... says:
    We met in a pen pals site in March 2004

    Scott says:
    We both has alot of penpals and were always looking to make new friends. I remember looking at so many profiles this one day and I saw Simone's advertisement. It was plain, simple ... but it captured my attention. I looked at some other advertisements, but I kept feeling like I had to know this one better. So finally I decided she was the one I needed to write to.

    Simone... says:
    And I was so happy in receiving his email that day that I answered very fast wanting to know more about that guy from Florida

    Scott says:
    She did answer fast. Less than fifteen minutes. I remember her first words to me. I will never forget ...
    "I hope we can be so good friends."
    It was funny because I was not looking for romance, just a good friend. But, I over time I discovered that Simone had the most beautiful heart. Without even knowing what was happening to me, I fell in love with her. And I was so afraid to tell her.

    Simone... says:

    Simone... says:
    and I was afraid of falling in love avoiding the idea...
    so donkey

    Scott says:

    Scott says:
    Finally ... there was this day ... I was sitting and listening to music. I was feeling desperate to tell her. I had been trying for a couple of days, but I was struggling. Then these two songs just found there way into my heart, "I've seen a love" and "Far from Over", by Edwin McCain. It gave me the strength to finally just tell her.

    Simone... says:
    I said I love you too
    We have met in paradise. Kind of paradise. We finally in October 2005, in Cancun, I was so nervous, because finally I would meet the love of my life in person. We spent one week there, and it was the happiest week of my life, I didn't want those days to end.

    Scott says:
    It was a beautiful week. Spending every moment with Simone, I realized that the friend that I grew to love, really was this person I had met and spent so much time chatting with. Her heart really was this beautiful.

    Simone... says:
    We met at Saturday's evening, and that same night, we arrived at hotel and he had a surprise for me... he had a little box in his hands, and when I saw, he was on his knees in front of me asking me to marry him, and share the rest of my life with him, and I, more than fast said YES... I want to love you forever and ever

    Scott says:
    Thanks God she said yes. While we were there, we took care of all the paperwork needed for the K1 and mailed it as soon as I arrived back in the States. Now we are just waiting.

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