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  1. We are California filers and received NOA early June, around the 10th or so. When should we expect biometrics letter? Anyone who filed through CSC receive the bio letter yet?
  2. Finally! Timeline CSC Sent: 4/23/2018 CSC Received: 4/24/2018 Check Cashed: 6/8/2018 NOA1 Dated: N/A NOA1 Received: N/A
  3. Is the 1.5+ years time frame of the ROC process from when you apply or when you receive NOA? Anyone know?
  4. Is there anyone who filed mid to late April who is still waiting?
  5. Well, this is worrisome. Ours was mailed 4/23. Received 4/24. Still nothing.
  6. Has anyone had issued renewing their license? My husband is having the hardest time. He got the I-551 stamp yesterday, but DMV says there are still restrictions on his name/ssn/etc, and it could take 48+ hours to get in the system or something. He has talked to THREE different people. He's been there three times. And he even called the HQ of DMV or something in our state that they told him to call. Everyone said the same thing. Immigration officer at the infopass (yesterday) told us there should be absolutely no problem and that the I-551 stamp works just like a greencard. So confused and frustrated!
  7. My husband filed for ROC last month and since his green card expired on Sunday, we made an infopass appt at our local office. Yesterday, they gave him the I-551 stamp valid for a year. When he went to the DMV today to renew his license, they told him he's not in the system yet and that they have no clue what that stamp is since they've never seen it before. What should he do? I thought the stamp works just like a green card?
  8. Like Ash.1101 said, it depends on the immigration office. Sometimes you have to show a lot of evidence that you filed, and sometimes you don't. Fortunately, in our case all they wanted to see was the expired green card and passport.
  9. They gave him a stamp valid for a year.
  10. We both didn't have to go, but his license expired so I drove.
  11. Looks like CSC is finally moving along. My husband and I went to his infopass appt today because his license and green card both expired yesterday. They didn't even ask question or as for proof of anything. They did say, "you should have applied when the window opened, but no worries, we'll get you taken care of." They gave him a stamp/temp green card that is valid for one whole year. Honestly, we have got the best immigration field office in the country. They have always been SO helpful and super nice. We did mention that my husband will be applying for citizenship in Feb of 2019, and the the guy told us he wouldn't advise that. He said currently ROC is taking at least 16 months, and our current field office is processing citizenship applications within 3 months, so it might delay the process of ROC AND citizenship. He said to wait at least 15 months before applying. Thoughts???
  12. Ours was received April 24th, so we have a bit of time before things start moving for us. My husband's green card expired yesterday, and we have an infopass appt today, so hopefully they can do SOMETHING so he can renew his license.
  13. Best news I've heard since the start of this dreadful process! :-D
  14. The funny thing is....3 years ago when my husband and I started this journey and applied for K-1 visa, we were SO happy we were dealing with CSC. We got approved in about 2 weeks. Here we are 3 years later and hating every minute of it.
  15. My husband's license expires on the 20th of May. I am wondering what our options are? We're not concerned about the green card expiring and job stuff, as that is not a problem. His job will more than likely not even know that it expired. But he has a long commute to work and we really don't want to do anything illegal, like driving with an expired license. What are other people's experiences? Are you able to somehow get your license renewed without the NOA letter? We have an info pass appt on the 21st, but that's a Monday and he'll more than likely be driving with an expired license.