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  1. My husband applied for citizenship June 16th, and had his interview yesterday, October 28th. Approved, and we are now waiting for letter regarding oath ceremony. What a long journey, but worth it!
  2. So far, immigration journey has been straight forward and simple. My husband got approved for removal of conditions with no interview (he didn't have an interview for AOS either) so it's been easy, simple, and to be honest, timing has been good too. It took a year to get ROC approved, but we really thought it would take longer. Our problem is....we moved RIGHT before it got approved (like a week before) and we had so much going on that we didn't change the address in time. We got the approval letter at our new address, but the green card went to the old address. I guess it missed the forwarding part. It was delivered May 7th. We went to immigration office yesterday (6/19) and they told us it never got returned to USCIS, so we called the post office and they told us since there's a tracking, it's pretty easy to see progress, but it NEVER got re-scanned after delivery, even though the people who live in our old place said they wrote "return to sender" and stuck it in the mail slot. So really, now what? Obviously filing I-90 to get it replaced. My husband applied for citizenship this weekend, which could take a while, but I'm guessing he HAS to have a physical green card when he goes to the interview? As for the I-90, the immigration official told us depending on what we choose, we may or may not pay, but he didn't tell us what to choose. The two options he showed us said it would be $0, but I feel like that's not right. I don't know if this constitutes as lost card or card that was mailed but never received? I understand we should have changed our address ASAP, but life happens. Now that we've cleared that up, any advise?
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