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  1. My husband's card came in on 5/12 - woohoo! Feel free to check my signature for timeline info. PIKUSHI..................10/17/16......10/19/16......12/21/16..04/27/18.....05/12/18 RFE(4/2/2018)
  2. We received the approval letter - I think it was last Friday, the 4th?
  3. We never got our "You're been approved", but our case was updated to "New card is being produced" on April 27th.
  4. Just a quick update: I got a notification yesterday from USCIS, saying that they had mailed out my card. Hopefully, USPS will be good to us, and the card will be here in the next week!
  5. Woohoo! Approved! PIKUSHI..................10/17/16......10/19/16......12/21/16.....4/27/18.....--/--/-- RFE(4/2/2018)
  6. Yeah, I received our letter on 4/6 & sent our response on 4/9. They received it on on the 11th.
  7. Just thought I would post the email I received this morning: We're hoping we get a more useful email in the near future~~
  8. Got the RFE email today. 😒 We will know more when we get the actual letter.
  9. Just curious - has anyone in this group/thread received a RFE for their case? It's been almost 16 months since CSC received our case - I can only imagine how hard my head would hit my desk if a RFE popped up in our mail now.
  10. I have seen a lot of generalized comments in this thread, but it sounds like it would be best for you, OP, to take the issues that you have brought here to wife (again, if you have already done so) or a marriage counselor rather than this forum. It true that she may have just married you for the green card. It also may be true that she has personal reasons for her behavior. From what you have written here, though, I truly recommend taking action and bringing these issues up before they possibly turn into resentment.
  11. Oh man, I wish we had more updates here, as well, but it looks like most of our VSC filers have already been approved, and CSC is still a way from getting to use. Maybe a month or two? I am keeping eye out on the September 2016 filing group until then.
  12. It looks like you're in the wrong thread - this is October 2016 Filers, and I think you are looking for October 2017 Filers. If it helps any, my husband's biometrics appointment letter didn't get to us pretty late, as well. I agree with what you wrote - I would recommend getting an infopass if you don't get it by the end of the month.
  13. Just thought I would post for the sake of an update: my husband went in for his infopass appointment on 11/28 at the Chicago USCIS office. He received a 6 month renewal stamp, but his passport expires in 6 months, anyway, so it worked out.
  14. Thanks, LRR. I was able to get one this morning (at around 8:30) for the 28th.
  15. Has anyone in the Chicagoland area been able to get an infopass appointment at the Chicago USCIS office? My husband needs to get his I-551 stamp, but we haven't been able to find any open appointments in the past few weeks that we have been looking. I have tried right after midnight on a few different days as well as looking in the morning and afternoon. Any advice as to when the appointments appear on the site? (I have been looking at the Milwaukee office for the past couple of days, too, but no luck there, either.)