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  1. No, you need passport or green card (people tend to forget that green card is perfectly valid form of ID). Your DL will become just that - DL (and it will probably get you into clubs and you will be able to buy alcohol with it, but not that much more). As for OP - you've gotten your answer. However, if you have issues with that you will have quite a culture shock here and a lot of trouble adjusting. I suggest you talk to your (future) spouse about it.
  2. um.... no. If you want to go to Philippines (or anywhere else outside of US) you need your passport (either Philippino or US - wherever you are citizen). You do NOT need to update your DL to RealID, as long as you have another valid form of federally recognized ID - and as an immigrant you should have (at least) 2 - your country's passport and Green Card.
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