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    We met each other through Skout back in 07/24/2012 about 20 mins before he went back to Korea. We kept in touch and talked non stop everyday through Skype, Kakao and facebook. After 2 months, I felt there was something special between us. So I decided to go to Korea to visit him for 2 weeks.Somehow, 2 weeks turned to 5 months. I just couldnt get enough and wanted to stick my #### around him badly.We went back to Vietnam together as He also felt the same. He proposed me on 09/25/2013 and we sent I129f on 12/20/2013.Our journey has been so far, I love every second around him. I wish all for the best.Keep faith and pray!! We gonna get what we deserve.Good luck for everyone who is applying or going to apply :)

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  1. Yeah I met a junior immigration officer and another one. I went there a lots for infopass. A few are useless but if I did not go I would not able to get my interview. Probably I would be still waiting. And no I don’t think they care about you putting pressure on it. They have millions of cases to deal with everyday. There are a lot of people there for infopass too. I don’t think they will care much.
  2. I would say go to the infopass. Last time I went there I was able to get the interview for the next day. They just went upstairs and came back with the interview scheduled. Its not hurt to go, you don’t loose anything and might have useful information
  3. Thank you so much. Another question: do you know how long is the wait now for IR5 to be approved?
  4. Yes I will submit also my birth certificate. His name is on it. I have bunch of picture of us when I was a little till now, I sent him money from the US. My school reports through years have his name on it. In Vietnam, we also have house-book for every household and his name is also on it. That’s all I have. Do I submit all of it now with my package or wait till it get approve and send back to the NVC?
  5. So, I found out today in the process of submitting IR5 visas for my mom and dad, that I WAS BORN out of WEDlock. I was shocked. They have me and did not register for marriage certificate till 2010. So here is my question. What do I need to submit with my paper work? Will there be a chance that he will get denied?
  6. Hello everyone, I am going to submit the sponsor packages for both my mom and dad. Is there an accurate check list that I should follow? I am overwhelmed with all the info on the internet? Do I also need to submit a sponsor affidavit packages like income requirement?
  7. Why can’t you just drive to Sea Tac? It is really not that far. If she is coming all the way here for you in a 16 hours fly. I think she deserves an easy less hassle flight. The only reason I said this is because I was denied to board one time when the 1st stop is London. I did not have the tourist visa and they care less about my green card. Bellingham or where ever you are that near Canada border is about 1 1/2 to 2 hour to the airport. Show her the main city on the way back. Show her her new home.
  8. No they won’t. At least for me, they did not
  9. I waited for my i751 for 27 months and N400 for 17 months. Seattle office is very backlog.
  10. Try early in the morning. Also if you get an info pass for another day but want to attend a different day. Just go there and change your appointment on the infopass machine. Good luck
  11. That is so interested, mine said 4 months lol
  12. YEs please. I will message you in the inbox. Also, what is your ETA on the case status now?
  13. Yes that’s really smart. I have a final that day but I will rather ask to take final another day than rescheduling my appointment. it shows up this morning and it is scheduled at 1:30PM. If we are on the same day, let’s meet
  14. Guys chill out with the estimation time. My oath letter is being mailed to me, but the estimated time just changed to Sep 2019. Well I don’t think it will take me that long. They won’t send me a oath letter 4 months ahead for a ceremony. my estima-te time changed crazily while I waited for both i751 and N400. I filed I751 in Feb 2017, interview May 2019. You do that math. I waited for N400 for 17 months. you will get there. Just don’t trust the estimated time. It’s never accurated
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