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  1. I tried it twice and worked once. First one, the one with a positive response was when they had scheduled my N-400 bio appointment on day that I would be out of state. I requested either preponing or postponing the appointment. I had requested them to not postpone it way too far in the future. I did add that as I was visiting my parents whom I hadn't seen for almost 5 years, I didn't want to cut the visit short. They postponed it to 2 days after I was to return home. Second one, the one with neutral result, aka, machine like response. I had made an addresses/date error on my N-400 that I only caught a month after the submission. They said to submit an affidavit detailing what the error was and what was the rectification plus evidence to support that rectification. They also added the IO may not take the added material into consideration. I did all that. I had my interview for I-751 two days after I did that. I mentioned it to the IO who conducted the interview. He checked it and said it wasn't updated yet. Fortunately, I had taken along a printed copy of the affidavit I had submitted online. He wanted it and he kept a copy for himself and informed me that he had updated my address and dates correctly on my application. I'm not sure if they'll consider your request if they haven't scheduled your interview but once they do, doesn't hurt to try and appeal to them mentioning the prospective job. What field office are you at?
  2. Did you apply online? If you did, you should be able to send a message, with the Message/Inbox feature, to an IO referencing your application and request it. I'm not sure if they will oblige though. It is difficult to make moving decisions when USCIS has our lives on chokehold. I'm glad I'll be done with it soon. If your ROC is pending as well, I would say go for it for the move. However, if it's just your N-400, as much as missing out the new job will be unfortunate, I believe waiting it out is the best choice here. They recently started working hard to get N-400 applications processed fast so it'll be sooner than later. It would also help us to see where you are at on your immigration timeline here on VJ.com. Please fill it out when you get a chance. :) Hope everything works out for the best!
  3. Hey drmo, My interview is scheduled on Wednesday July 17th and my estimated wait time changed to 4 months (November 2019) when I just checked. I think it was March 2020 before that. I would suggest giving them a call like the the other posters who replied as well. I received notification that my interview was scheduled on June 11th. The document showed up on the *Documents* tab on my account on June 13th. I received the physical notice in the mail a few days later. Hope this helps.
  4. So, my N-400 interview is next week and in the summons letter they asked me to bring original of the documents I submitted. Now, besides the original GC, marriage certificate, passports and IDs, do I need to print out the other documents I already submitted online such as photos, tax return transcripts, utility bills? My I-751 interview was on April 25 and submitted a sizeable amount of documents at that time as well. Every thing I submitted then is more or less the recent stuff. I'm taking my copy of whatever I submitted during that interview though, which does include the 2018 year's tax return transcript as well. Thoughts and suggestions? Thanks in advance 😊
  5. Ah! Got it. However, if you and your spouse live together, wouldn't they need to change the address on the license once they move? I had to do that multiple times. When I was in Colorado, all we had to do was submit a change of address online and print a sticker with our new address and adhere it to the back where change of address space was provided. I'm in Nebraska now and they require a full on change of card for an address change. The different addresses might seem like a red flag to them. Is it possible for you to visit the DMV and do a change of address and then send the application with licenses showing the same address? That might save you some trouble later on.
  6. @livkev, yes, I submitted them too. You don't need to but like @Cjkylie said, it would be proof of same address for you both. The more the better.
  7. I did get an RFE (I-751) for not submitting W2s as a supporting documentation with our tax returns. When I submitted the RFE response, I sent Tax return transcripts along with all the W2s. I did the same for N-400 too. I would go with what your lawyer said though. If they want it, they'll ask for it.
  8. Try this from the op on this thread. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/604970-i-751-cover-letter-list-of-evidence-samples-and-reviews-megathread/
  9. @livkev I hear you. I had similar thoughts and kept my application on draft for almost a year. I submitted my N-400 application immediately after I received my interview letter for I-751. They didn't do a combo interview but my naturalization interview was scheduled way earlier than I expected. Here's a quick snapshot for reference, all dates are for 2019. March 20: Received I-751 interview letter scheduled for April 25 March 25: Submitted N-400 April 18: Bio appointment for N-400 April 25: I-751 interview April 30: Green card arrived June 11: N-400 interview scheduled for July 17 Submit as much as you can for anything from the past 3 years, especially tax return transcripts, joint account statements, joint utility bills, joint assets, joint insurance, pictures together and more. Anything that shows mingling of financial assets and/or liabilities. Double check everything before hitting the submit button though. I made a grave error 😭 I had recently moved and I just changed my current address on the application. I completely forgot that it was the list of addresses I was changing. So, basically my application was missing an entire address. I did submit an affidavit to correct it as soon as I caught the mistake but I wasn't sure if the IO in charge would even consider the update. Thankfully, the IO at my I-751 interview was stern but really helpful. I told him about the error and I gave him a print out of the affidavit I had submitted online. He updated my addresses as they should be. 😅 Wish you all the best.
  10. Hello all, wanted to give an update here about my case status on my N-400 application but first a quick recap. Applied for I-751: Sept 2017 (bio: Oct 2017) RFE received: Jan 2019 RFE response sent: Feb end 2019 Interview letter for I-751 received: March 20, 2019 Applied for N-400 online: March 25, 2019 (bio: April 18, 2019) Interview scheduled date for I-751: April 25, 2019 Green card received: April 30, 2019 Interview letter for N-400 received: June 11, 2019 Interview scheduled date for N-400: July 17, 2019 Field office Denver in the beginning and case was moved to Omaha field office right after RFE response was sent, which was weird because I moved to Omaha in March 2018 and submitted address change at that time. I don't know how that itself didn't trigger a case transfer. Interview letter for I-751 requested presence of my US citizen spouse as well. Also requested proof of bonafide marriage. Gave them about 4 inch tall stack of evidence. They seemed happy. IO at the interview did mention my N-400 was also already in process but still not processed enough to take my civics and other test during the I-751 interview itself. I was prepared to take the test, just in case However, he did mention that if anything I might get a request to bring or submit the latest year's tax return. When I told him that it was included in the stack of evidence infront of him, he was confident that I shouldn't have to bring any more additional evidence for my N-400 interview. I was told that my case for N-400 should be processed within Sept 2019 but here we are, with an interview date for July 2019. Some days, the efficiency surprises me. Maybe it's the field office change. Interview letter for N-400 does not require presence of my US citizen spouse. Here's what is mentioned on the letter, -------- You MUST BRING the following with you to the interview: • This letter. • Your Alien Registration Card ("green card"). • Any evidence of Selective Service Registration. • Your passport and/or any other documents you used in connection with any entries into the United States. • Those items noted below which are applicable to you: If applying for NATURALIZATION AS THE SPOUSE of a United States Citizen; • Your marriage certificate. • Proof of death or divorce for each prior marriage of yourself or spouse. • Your spouse's birth or naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship. If applying for NATURALIZATION as a member of the United States Armed Forces; • Your discharge certificate, or form DD214. If copies of a document were submitted as evidence with your N400 application, the originals of those documents should be brought to the interview. --------- Wish me luck, guys! Off to studying American history and civics, again.
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