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  1. I received an interview date in January for my mum. She will be interviewing this month
  2. Hi have your parents interviewed yet? what kind of questions were they asked if they have been interviewed. Thank you.
  3. My mom got approved on the 23rd July immediately they got the DNA test result. We have our case at the NVC. I have paid the required fees but we got another RFE at the NVC stage. Apparently they do not accept the handwritten pink and white birth certificates fom Ghana anymore. So I have to apply for the electronic one from GH. Hopefully, I will have it in 2 weeks. Did any one else from Ghana have issues with their birth certificates?
  4. Hello filed for my mum in March, 2019 and I got an RFE for late registration of birth certifcate. Secondary documents were requested. However, I could only get school records. Even with that The school could only write a letter showing the name of my parent, my date of birth, place of birth and house address they had on file when I was a student. They also gave me a copy of my certificate of completion they had on file. I had my uncle and aunt write affidavits confirming the relationship with my mum. I also opted for a DNA Test through the USCIS recommended lab. Will these documents be sufficient to prove the relationship between my mum and I? PS: I did not include baptismal or medical records as we lost those documents in a flood. And the clinic I was born is no longer operating.
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