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  1. i am still waiting for my interview schedule.i filed feb 25,2020 and done my biometric march 18,2020.but as of now i am same as your situation.

  2. mine was back but the estimation completion is still the same May 2021. i thought that after biometric it will change.i submitted my application last feb . 25, 2020. it takes almost 14 months to schedule my interview. is there anybody that your estimation for completion change ?
  3. Hi everyone i would like to share my experience today for my Biometric here in Seattle.My schedule is 2pm but i decided to come early around 11.45am and i never expected that the line is so long outside.they allow to come inside only 20 persons i guess every 10 mins.the guard gave us the form that we need to fill out while where on the line to save time.They never look what time your appointment if you are early or late as long as you show your appointment letter.only the persons who have their interview on their respective time are the one who allow to come in.It took me more than an hour before i enter the building and only 10 minutes for my biometric.But at least i am done and waiting for my interview appointment .So guys be patient.
  4. UPDATE: my biometric schedule on March 17,2020 and my case estimated completion May 2021..is there any possibility that the estimated time will be change?
  5. i sent my N-400 application feb.20,2020 and i received my NOA march 2,2020 and my Biometric schedule on March 17,2020..so dont panic and may be your NOA will on the way
  6. thank you.i create an account to USCIS already my status is IN PROCESS..
  7. Hi everyone..I sent my N-400 application by mail last feb. 20 ,2020.Today i received the form I-797C (NOA) it wrote " Upon receipt of all required Records checks, you will be scheduled to appear for an interview at your local USCIS field office". What does it mean? I am not going for my Biometric or i will wait another notice for my biometric? Can anyone received same like this? Please i need your reply
  8. how many days you received the letter for biometric after you send your N 400 application? i am still waiting for my biometric schedule .I sent my N 400 application almost a week.
  9. i have another question.in Part 5 Residence .Do i need to write down the address when i took my vacation outside the US?
  10. thank you for your answer.it is helping me a lot
  11. hi.1 have 3 trips outside U.S. within my 5 years rule ..first is 19 days (2019) ,2nd is 21 days ( 2017) in my hometown and 3rd is only 2 days (2017) in canada.Should i need to write all this down to Part 5 for N400 form
  12. congrats that your journey was over.mine is just started.can you please help me to answer this question Part 5 about residence .I took 3 times vacation in my home country that last 19 days .Do i need to write it down in the form.thank you
  13. I am a widow .I am confused for the form i need to fill out for Part 10 marital history.Do i need to answer only section 9? i need your answer who have the same situation like mine.thank you
  14. even me never have a plan yet to apply for my N400 since i just got my 10 years green card last 2017 but just like you my concerned is the fee increase..anyway thank you.
  15. thank you for your reply. are you under 5 or 3 years rule? do you submit also your tax transcript.because i read also that you can bring your tax transcript on the day of the interview.
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