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    British columbia, canada marrying a man in Idaho

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    Ron and I met online almost a year ago. By the beginning of May we Knew there was something between us and desided to meet, and we just clicked. Becasue of his work, I drove to Idaho. It was there even when we seen each other in person, mind blowing almost. By the end of July with many trips back and forth we knew we wanted to be together for ever. We talked about which country we wanted to live in and deside that it made more sense job wise for me to relocate. We never knew anything about the 3 ring circus at that time and thought we could just get married and be together. We were to be married September 13, 2003, lol. what a joke. I came back to Canada all excited, I had finally met the man I was destined to be with, but not so simple says border crossing peoples and they filled me in. So my next trip down we went to a lawyer, who advised that things would go smoother if I was to stay down there. Not our lawyer anymore. So I quit my job to be with my love. I desided to surprise him for Christmas. We spent 1.5 months together, but I was getting home sick for my daughter who was turning 18 in Feb, so ron Brought me back to Canada to see her, another mistake, but also an eye opener for both of us. We were going to get married this month again not happening. When we were coming back to the states border patrol would not allow it. They made me go back to my daughter an upside but I cried for the 2 hour drive from the border after having to leave Ron standing there in the middle of no where with no ride home. I have been back now since Feb 2, 2004 and missing Ron terribly, as he does me. We got the K1 application sent off Feb 24, 2004, they recieved Feb 26/04 and sent notice of recipt dated Feb 28/04. Ron managed to get a couple days off in March and came to see me, it felt so good to be together, but far to short. Now we wait some more.....

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