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  1. I agree with you on some points, I think I said that. We need to take the country out of the equation, if you are in your 70s and you marry someone in their 20s, then there is something both people in that relationship want. Let's be 100 percent honest, everyone uses everyone to some degree, we all need something from each other. When we get down to the nitty gritty unless a 70 year old man is rich, famous, intelligent, what average 20 year old girl would be interested statistically? I think if you look at my prior posts I have said exactly what you are saying. What I am trying to reiterate is it's not just the Philippines although they might be in the majority, there are also other high fraud countries. I am not blaming anyone though, I understand to some degree the reasoning behind it and if I was in that situation who knows what I would do. However, as I keep trying to say in my posts without trying to be particularly unkind to anyone is that the OP shouldn't be surprised and I believe deep down if he did some soul searching the reality is they both used each other.
  2. It's not just the Philippines, there is a lot of fraud from different countries. However, I can't say I blame some (not all) as who doesn't want a better life? If you can have a better life and also find the love of you life then I say go for it, life is too short not to dream your dreams and then pursue them.
  3. I agree there is a family obligation in many countries not just the Philippines. However, I also believe that this particular story satisfied both needs at the time and unfortunately came to an unhappy ending when those needs were not fulfilled. I stand by what I have said and my views from an observer point of view.
  4. Let's be honest here it was half a dozen of one and half a dozen of another, they both used each other for one reason or another, but well said!!
  5. I have to be honest here as soon as I started reading this story and all the cruel things that had happened, alarm bells started ringing. I instinctively knew with out prior knowledge there is a HUGE age gap here. Then when I read your article about the age difference it made sense. I don't want to be cruel as I am sure the OP is heartbroken, in pain and trying to make sense and excuses for the break up, but honestly it seems they both used each other it was always going to be a business deal, she had youth and no doubt beauty etc, he had the American Dream to give, a new life, sponsorship, cash etc. If this had been "True Love", then the wife would have stayed with her husband during an awful of his life. I guess it's easy for the OP to blame the family and such, but sometimes we have to look at the truth facing us and not look through "Rose tinted glasses" to blame everything but the truth. Enough said. To the OP I hope you heal and I do hope you get the closure and truthful answers to why it came to an end, but deep down I think you know.
  6. Now I am curious too. If you can bring your siblings in with their children, surely you can bring in your only, married, over 21 year old child? I would have had to wait 7 years to bring him in when he wasn't married because he was no longer a minor. (even though he has a degree in Pure Math's and is a computer programmer). If memory serves me correct it nearly doubled when he got married a couple of years ago. And to add to my misery, over here in the UK, I am trying to sponsor my American husband who is an accountant and also has a degree, but I have to earn so much for so long to do that. I just don't understand any of this. SMH. :(
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