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  1. So my update was a local rep inquiry. I had emailed them last week and they didn’t respond. I emailed them again and looks like they jsut sent an inquiry, which triggered the last updated date.
  2. Agreed, some sort of movement happens a bit after last updated date. Fingers crossed!
  3. My moms last updated date was updated today. first time since November 24, other updates were just inquiries I made. still refused. But it’s something
  4. Any update is good update bro. Happy for you and praying for an email asking for an updated medical for you. my moms really case update date was November 24, 2021. No change since
  5. congrats! before the medical request, was your last updated date updating frequently?
  6. No idea, it’s all up to them when they approve it. ive been waiting for 207 days
  7. I think I’m just gonna stop checking for my mom. At this point they will have to email us for an updated medical, so will save some sanity and wait for the email
  8. hang in there man, really hoping there's a flurry of news for everyone soon.
  9. aw man brutal timeline. i wish we would hear some sort of movement in any of our cases. radio silence lately and its depressing
  10. any data point on the longest wait for a DS 5535 to be approved so far? wondering how long some have waited
  11. You haven’t gotten a ds 5535 yet. You should hope you don’t get one. If god forbid you do get one, now that’s a bummer
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