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  1. Still waiting for a biometrics reschedule or update here in Charlotte. Originally filed Mar 7.
  2. Not to my knowledge. My case status hasn't updated since March and I haven't received anything in the mail to-date.
  3. Thanks for mentioning that. Everything in USCIS updates says they were resuming in-person services in early June. I assumed that meant ASC as well. I do now see a few (non-USCIS) immigration related sites saying ASCs didn't reopen until July.
  4. Just chiming in so those still waiting know they're not alone. My original Biometrics appointment was March 25. It's been more than 90 days since the Charlotte ASC reopened, but I still have not received any word on a rescheduled appointment. I reached out via USCIS website a week ago, got a long canned response around Covid delays and reopenings, but nothing addressing my specific case. The wait continues.
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