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  1. We reached the end of our journey as my wife took the Oath and became a U.S. citizen in Houston this morning. It has been a long journey, probably too long, but the end result is well worth the wait. As we depart this forum where we have called home for the past 6 years, I wish to leave you all with this quote from the late President JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for your country" It doesn't matter who we are, what country we came from, what language we speak, what color is our skin, who we worship, or who we support for President, we are all the citizens of the best country in the world. So, let's go out there, put our heads together, and make it an even better country. We wish you all best of luck!
  2. Once your interview letter is uploaded to your USCIS account, you can print that out and actually take it to the interview. Once the interview is done, you can ask the IO to update your address or you can go home and do it. You might not need do it to get the Oath Ceremony because you can also print the Oath Ceremony letter from your online account as well.
  3. You can file a SR to inquire about your i-751 taking too long. They will tell you whether the i-751 and N400 will be adjudicated at the same time. Mine did.



    Have you received your Oath Ceremony letter in the actual mail yet? I am scheduled for July 10th too. The PDF appeared on Monday online but I have not received the paper letter yet. Just wondering how long it should take.

  5. Just received a text and case update that they have scheduled my wife's oath ceremony. It's been one day short of 2 weeks after her N400 interview. We're so close to the end of the journey now...
  6. My wife got her N400 approved on 5/22 and is still waiting for her Oath Ceremony letter. Her status is same as your aunt's.
  7. Just ask to speak to a Tier-2 IO and they will transfer you. You might not get answered right away and can leave your phone #. The Tier-2 IO will call you back.
  8. No doubt. That would be something to talk about, "I was sworn and became a US citizen on the day that our country declared its independence!"
  9. Interesting that my wife's interview was a day before you, 5/22/19 and her case status has not changed; still showing Oath Ceremony to be scheduled. Thanks for the update.
  10. Yes, they will do a combo interview. My wife just had hers last Wed and we knew ahead of time that it would be a combo interview so I went along. So bring your spouse.
  11. This page was handed to my wife after her N400 interview. It is not part of the Oath Ceremony letter; we're still waiting for that.
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