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  1. You will have to get a co-sponsor. Go back and take a few minutes and read the guidelines here: https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/affidavit-support and also the poverty guidelines here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p
  2. If you bring any vegetable matter (including seeds) into the U.S. from another country, you're required to declare it at customs. If you don't declare it, and they find it, they'll get a mite upset with you. They might confiscate it, and they might not...it's at their discretion. Here's the link: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/clearing-cbp/bringing-agricultural-products-united-states
  3. We submitted a signed, translated, and notarized statement from my husband's daughter's mom that stated that he provides continued support for his under-18 daughter. We understood that it was required to show this evidence in the application.
  4. I honestly don't see why providing social media information, which is pretty 'out there' anyway, is a big deal but giving them your address, date of birth, your sponsor's social security number, tax information etc., is somehow deemed safer to share. I think the beneficiary has made a mountain out of a relative molehill in the whole scheme of giving personal info to the USCIS. They're very good at finding out things about you; that's what they're supposed to do. Social media is the least of the beneficiary's worries, unless indeed they have something to hide.
  5. Current means the certificate for your present spouse. The certificate you have, and the translation, should be just fine. That one is your "current" certificate, even if it's a few years old. Good luck!
  6. Well you are a fountain of info! (Grin)...thank you very much!
  7. I don't quite know which would be my "local office," and we filed IOE (online)...so unsure. Thanks, though. The times seem to vary widely.
  8. Nope, you can't work without authorization, even if it's from home. The location doesn't matter. Spend your time waiting in a way that will help you when you DO get authorization (training classes, library, vocabulary if you need it, writing skills, etc.). Use the time to make yourself a more skilled, valuable employee; maybe that will help your financial situation even more by the time you are allowed to work. 🙂 Good luck!
  9. Does anyone know, typically, how long a time there is between a Biometrics appointment and the interview?
  10. Looks like you need to re-file, and get some help reading the instructions. They clearly told you what kind of photos to send (passport style photos, of you, and of your fiance...SEPARATELY). Get some help and re-file.
  11. This is terribly sad, and my heart goes out to you. I know you're reeling from all this; you might want to think about whether you really want to stay here or go back to Scotland. Do you have family here? Supportive friends? Project yourself mentally into the future and think about what might be best for you, and try to take care of yourself, as well as your husband. My sincere sympathy to you, for what you're both going through.
  12. Courthouse weddings with a party afterwards are WAY more fun (I say that because that's what we did, and it was fun!). You can dress as beautifully as you like for the courthouse wedding, bring a couple of witnesses, whatever, and go out to a nice supper afterwards, then plan a big party. Weddings cost so much; people in the US sometimes spend the equivalent of half a house on a wedding which, to me, is a complete crazy waste of money...but it's important to some, so whatever floats your McBoat. 😀
  13. Indeed, that's the best way, the only way, really, you can streamline your wait time to as short as is possible (that is in your control, I mean): to have everything exactly as it should be and don't leave anything off the list. Check and double-check, and make copies of what you send, so you'll know, "yep, I sent that.' Time gets added on when you get a notice that you've not sent a document they asked for, or filled out something incorrectly.
  14. I bet if you scour your papers, you can find it...you had to have it to file the first time for the Green Card, yeah? So certainly you wouldn't have tossed it. Look again Yes you'll have to upload a scan of it when you file...we did too. Good luck! P.S. When I've lost something, usually it's in the first place that it occurred to me to look...I just looked for it too fast the first time. This happens time and time again. Again, good luck!
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