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  1. Just hang tight; you'll hear something after June 4. We're in the same spot.
  2. Ah....we'll just wait for the real thing. It'd be nice to be able to vote in November, though...I guess that's not going to happen.
  3. I know it's inconvenient, and maddening to have to wait even MORE time. But people: THIS IS DIFFERENT. Get a grip. This is a pandemic. A 'like you read about in history books' type pandemic. Try to breathe, understand that even the USCIS folks have families, have lives, some are ill, and they also probably have infrastructure support problems right now, just like your own offices, your own businesses. Things are going to be weird for a while, and then, hopefully, things will crank back up. But right now, you're going to have to sit tight. Hang in there and stay well, try to stay positive.
  4. My husband's didn't get cancelled; he didn't ever get the letter...so even though approved, it won't happen for a while.
  5. The way I read it this morning, not all travel is really banned. U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (green card holders) will be allowed back in and out of the country, with screening for illness and temperature, etc. The problem might be that the number of flights will be much less going back and forth.
  6. I would bet this has everything to do with the pandemic, and nothing with your case. Resources are probably getting stretched with people staying home/working from home, which might reduce the number of people available to conduct interviews. I know it's so hard after waiting so long, but try to be patient, and try to stay healthy. These are difficult times for a whole lot of people.
  7. My husband did his N-400 application and it was approved! But, he's been following his progress on the USCIS app, and it counted down 18 days...12 days...3 days...2 days...and then all the 'countdown' information disappeared. No more updates. Do you think this means that there's an invitation imminent? Or something else? The last time it changed was 2 weeks ago!
  8. My husband was following his "approved" N-400 naturalization 'countdown' on the USCIS app...the days went down, down, down...and the last update was 2 days, a week ago; then the days disappeared and there's no day countdown, nothing.  Do you think this means an invitation to a naturalization ceremony is imminent? Or...have things been suspended and we should call? We're both confused and excited about the possibility that this could be finished soon! :)

  9. A call and a confirmation that you're not going to use the return ticket is just a sort of 'good housekeeping' paperwork thing to do, and helps you retain some value for that return portion, because the airline can sell that seat to somebody else. Most airlines would probably let her retain the value of the flight not taken for a future flight, but maybe not, if she doesn't make them aware that she's not going to use that ticket and just lets the date slide by. I guess they might offer up the not-taken seat to a wait-list passenger; but I would think they'd be more likely to give her a credit if she lets them know ahead of time that she's not going to use it.
  10. Just go ahead and buy the cheaper round-trip ticket. Here's a thing, though: if she ISN'T going to use that return ticket, call the airline before the return date and tell them she's not going to use it. And save the confirmation paperwork.
  11. @NicoleM The local IRS office here helped me a lot with weird tax questions pertaining to immigration; if they didn't know the answer, they knew who to call who did know. So it's a free resource you can use. Good luck!
  12. I've always had really good service with them, so I don't know what the problem could be. Could you call them and just explain that you need to talk to someone who has more experience dealing with a US citizen and an LPR? Have you asked for a supervisor to help? If they told you to submit that form, you could, you know, go on and fill it out. Looks like they want your husband's (the US Citizen) name and social, and your Canadian tax ID or equivalent number (the number you use on your Canadian tax forms). If it was me, I'd drop into a local Income Tax office and ask for their help understanding the rest of the form. It's free (talking to the IRS office).
  13. You won't have a problem. Nobody says you have to have a big wedding to prove you're married. We just went to the courthouse, and were married by a judge. Came home and told our families, hey guess what? And it was all fine. If you're married, and you have your marriage certificate, then you can prove you're married. Evidence showing you've spent a lot of time together before and after is paramount, too. Sounds like you're going to be fine, so don't worry.
  14. He did not suddenly realize he's gay. He misrepresented himself. I'm so sorry you got taken by this fellow. You might look at him calmly and whisper, "You know...misrepresentation is tantamount to fraud. I'm sure USCIS would be interested in that. Would you like me to check for you?" They probably could care less...but he might stop threatening you. Divorce this loser.
  15. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Are you happy? Do you feel loved and secure in your life? If not, dismiss the green card stuff from your mind. Take care of you. Immigration stuff is his problem. You're still on the hook if he goes for public assistance, until he gets his citizenship, but you have to decide for yourself what to do...for you.
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