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  1. Saw that to earlier where it was stating the Efiling centre
  2. Potomac and PD july 17, this is for my mom and I didnt know how to create a timeline for it.
  3. Thanks so much, I hope your comes soon, logged on online and was able to download the approval letter.
  4. Excitment over here, just changed to case approved, just this moment. Best of luck to those right behind me. Weekend has started
  5. Potomac, last update was Dec and now Feb 27, in process and the uscis check status no longer has the "It is being processed at one of our E filing...." priority date July 15.
  6. Usually see updates on Tuesday and Friday, hopefully, some good news soon.
  7. I ran into same issue when I was trying to refinance my car with the credit union, they only did it when I got my 10yr green card. I did show that the extension letter and told them that it was valid, could not here it. so I had to wait a couple of months for the actual card to come through.
  8. PD 07/11/2019, patomac too, last update dec 13. Fingers crossed
  9. congrats, July 11 I'd my date and last update was dec 13 2019
  10. If there was a policy change last then you might be right, but went through the same thing, by the time of my interview I had filed divorce, passed the interview, but the N400 was denied cause I nolonger qualified under 3yr rule.
  11. If they file divorce at any time with pending N400, it will be denied even if the divorce is not final. Best to withdraw the N400.
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