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  1. If there was a policy change last then you might be right, but went through the same thing, by the time of my interview I had filed divorce, passed the interview, but the N400 was denied cause I nolonger qualified under 3yr rule.
  2. If they file divorce at any time with pending N400, it will be denied even if the divorce is not final. Best to withdraw the N400.
  3. 61 is empty and 62 I selected Nairobi kenya, because uganda does not issue immigrant visas.
  4. The application for the petition has not been fully complete, That i because i forgot to add a date of birth for one of my brothers. Your i30 form is being returned to you because the eligibility you filed under requires that you file i485, resubmit both forms and appropriate fees in order to continue processing. please be sure to complete the petition fully, submit the appropriate fees and include all required supporting documentation
  5. I yet to go through the whole application cause, just to make sure it's not a major fault on my side
  6. I selected Kenya cause Uganda does not issue immigrant visas the image is coming out large am still trying to re-size it
  7. Good morning, I did file for my mom who is in Uganda, and received a ref asking to include I 485 because my eligibility requires me to file one, am trying to understand this cause my mom is not in the us yet. Is the 1485 neccessary at this stage? Thank you for the responses.
  8. There is no need to stress, just let them know card was already handed over
  9. They will take the PR card from you too, since after oath you will receive certificate. No need for them to look at the stamp or photocopy of CR card
  10. If OP is still married he will need to provide the marriage documents even if filing under 5yr rule, I wonder why he did not appeal it, if still married, other than pay the fees all over again.
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