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  1. My wife (now US citizen) petitioned her mother to come to the US as a permanent resident. The case was processed at the embassy in Lima, Peru. When she did her medical, she was required to do sputum culture testing which takes 9 weeks to come back with negative results. As such, following her interview, though everything else was in order, they gave her a 221g telling her notify the embassy once the additional medical results were available and held onto her passport. Two days ago, the clinic notified her the results were negative and they had sent them to the embassy in Lima. We emailed the embassy yesterday as instructed to notify them the results had been provided. Today we checked the Visa status on CEAC with her case number and it now says "Issued - Updated 04-Apr-2024 - Your visa has been printed. Depending on local procedures at the location where you were interviewed, your visa will be mailed or available for pickup soon..." We already pre-registered for the pickup location ahead of the interview. My question is, how can we expect to be notified when the passport/visa is ready for pickup? Will they send another email to the address we have on file that they used for all other CEAC/NVC notifications? Thanks
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