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    We met on June 29, 2012 when I was visiting family in Peru. We didn't start talking seriously until November 25 on his birthday. He swept me away and I made plans to go back next June. He proposed to me on June 15, 2013. We're hoping and praying to get married in August, 2014 <3

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  1. We were supposed to get our new interview date today :( but the embassy hasn't been replying to emails. I sent them like 4 making confirming that it was ok we were missing our original interview time as they said and trying to update my fiance's address. And my fiance called on the phone during the right hour and they told him it has to be via email only. I feel ignore :(

    1. Donna&Noelia
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      ..I do know it has been taking them a few days to respond to emails. Also, I did find out as well they refuse to answer anything over the phone. It cost me 75 dollars in phone fees to get ahold of someone only to be refused to talk about anything. Strictly email! You have the emails of proof that they said they would reschedule it so just hold in there! :)

    3. cristi1231


      thank you for the advice! it was all email in the end anyways haha