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  1. Thank You!! 😊 I hope yours will come pretty soon...
  2. Am really not sure what really happened -- because we never had an attorney to represent us.. We did not receive the "official notice" for the 18-month extension, instead, we just received a "courtesy copy", which means they sent the original to the attorney that "supposedly" represented us -- but we never did!!! Anyway, so i was worried there for a while, but after reading some comments from our June Filers who had the same story, i stopped worrying and eventually forgot about it until today when we received a text with our approval 😊 It was probably a mistake on their part, good thing you gave them your address.. It should be on file already, so you should not worry 😊 as long as their system works lol
  3. Thanks! Yes, CSC... NOA date 6-15-17 WAC17258... Received "courtesy copy" of 18-month extension letter... received a text this morning that our case was approved today SEPT 24.. but when i logged in on my uscis account, it states that last SEPT 21, a new card was being produced!! 😊 I hope this is it!!!
  4. Hi, we just got approved, and yes we received a courtesy letter for the 18-month extension.. I just hope and pray they would send the card to our address and not to whoever they sent our official letter before..
  5. I might call them tomorrow and ask.. we never filled that G-28 form.. what am worried is where did the original letter go?? i hope not to those fraud people ☹️
  6. WAC1725 (June 15, 2017 filer)... Finally received our 18-month extension letter! Yay!! BUT!!!! I noticed that it wasn’t the official or original notice, it looks like a copy, no background like the 1st one... And it says that the official notice was mailed to whoever is on my form G28... which by the way, we never filled out that form and we never had a representative or lawyer!! So, where the heck did they send my original then??? 😟 All i have is just a copy and i probably can’t use this?? 😔
  7. Hi, so does it mean that we will receive a new receipt notice that will serve as another extension letter?? since our case is still pending?? Or do i just get an infopass right away?? which by the way, can i still do the infopass even if my extension letter expires June 15?? i totally forgot about it, maybe i was hoping to get results before the expiration..
  8. Mine too, i just checked.. same update x 2, one for Feb 24 and one for Feb 26, both saying the same thing.. i guess it was transferred to my local office.. but no notice received in the mail that it was transferred or whatsoever.. so, did y'all receive a notice in the mail that your case was transferred.. if so, then i guess i have to make a case inquiry since i haven't received mine??
  9. I have not received anything at all.. last time i received something was last june 2017 for the bio appt then nada after that!!! So the 1 year extension expires this June.. so what do i do now? Does that mean the greencard expires then u can’t legally work? 😔