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  1. Added. Originally CSC on Jan 11th, 2018. Transferred to Nebraska 5th Feb 2019. Finally got approval last week, April 11 2019. Just adding to give stats/data and hope (!) that approval can come. A week ago I thought it would never happen, but things can change in a moment and it could be your turn next.
  2. I'm a CSC, with 5th Feb transferred to Nebraska and I just today got a message saying 'new card being produced' !!! The app has that info on also so I guess finally I can believe that my 10 year green card is on it's way. For all those 5th Feb CSC to Nebraska people - I hope yours is on it's way too any day now. I know the pain and the frustration wondering why others and not you. I honestly thought I was going to get an RFE but - there is hope and I'm sending positive thoughts that your approval is about to happen.
  3. Just because...... I decided to call USCIS yesterday to see if there was any possible update. Filed at CSC 12 Jan 2018, transfered to Nebraska 5 Feb 2019. The pain of the call was real. Lady I spoke to asked me 3 times why I was a calling, honestly each time was as if she’d just answered the phone and she had not spoken to me 20 seconds ago. She eventually decided I was calling due to a service request 2 years ago, so I had to explain again why I was calling and in between her repeat questions there were minutes of silence so I didn’t know if she’d cut me off. Long story short it was a pointless exercise. 50 mins of call and waiting all she could say was my case was in the normal processing times of 15-23 months and to wait. Yes I should have found the patience to ask for a Tier 2 officer but honestly I couldn’t find it in myself to explain myself all over again. Maybe I’ll find time next week to call and I’ll get through to a more knowledgeable person. I understand as much as anyone that dealing with the public in customer service is a thankless job but even basic stuff like listening to why I was calling and not asking the same questions many times would have saved us time and energy. Sending patience and hope to all of us still waiting!
  4. I was also CSC transferred to Nebraska on Feb 5th. No updates since.....
  5. Same here, transferred from CSC to Nebraska on 5th Feb 2019, and just got the text message today that an action has been taken. But I can see nothing online - ...... yet!
  6. So frustrating. I try to ignore and just get on with my life, but now that I see cases from around my time and after my submission date being approved, it gets a little disheartening. I just have to have patient that it'll happen soon. Just crossing my fingers for no RFE to prolong it! We'll get there..... eventually. 😊
  7. I am the same. Case transferred to Nebraska 5th February and heard nothing since.
  8. My application is the same. Applied to CSC Jan 12, 2018. Did not apply for N400. Biometrics appointment waived and previous biometrics used. Heard nothing till last week and today received the letter confirming my case has been transferred to Nebraska from CSC. Processing times at Nebraska are reported as longer than CSC which is frustrating, and many cases around my receipt number are noted as 'approved'. FYI my case number is WAC18073XXXXX
  9. And I’m the same too. Lots of sudden activity on 6 Feb. Hoping it’s a positive sign for us.
  10. I got a message also that my 'Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction'. Slightly disappointed as I'd hoped the message would tell me that my card was approved, but at least I know some progress is happening. Also looking at the fact that others are also receiving this message at the same time, appears that this is possibly not something to be disheartened by specific to my case, but perhaps a general process with a 'batch' of applications. Hopefully the letter will explain why. FYI my number is WAC1807XXXXXX But who knows the mysteries of how USCIS operates! At least it's in the system and moving! CSC, Jan 12, 2018
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