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    I was in the same situation as you before..I waited for almost 2mos just for my case to reached NVC. Now that you have your MNL#, just email ASAP your DS3032 using the email template on Saylin's 1st & 2nd posts here.. After I got my MNL# by phone, I recieved the email w/ my MNL# and IIN in 1-2 working days.. Good luck.. =)
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    jeffxtyl reacted to Saylin in NVC Filers - May 2013   
    Woohoo, grats!
    Have you contacted USCIS to see if the case has been sent out? Until it's been sent out, contacting NVC is a moot point.
    Time to review posts 1 and 2...
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    jeffxtyl reacted to WorldTravelers in NVC Filers - May 2013   
    When did your husband email the NVC Research and when did he receive this reponse?
    Your petition sure was approved fast. I understand how you feel with this wait. I've been waiting 40 days already for NVC to receive our case.
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