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  1. Yes I hope so, there R days when the The thinking is not so positive but I weather the storm...thank U bro. appreciating life
  2. Ronald Reagan......name to begin with last letter of last name
  3. I wish for world peace n everyone forget how to envy, hate n be cruel
  4. Guess no one truly knows. Will Guyana or Venezuela win that argument?
  5. Fool me once shame on you.cool me twice, shame on me
  6. NMIA....Norman Manley I may Airport...Kingston
  7. Thv, the father have all pertinent docs, was present at the kids birth he has annual tax returns n job history to prove everything, How long is the process approx, n would newspaper article allow things to be expediated? Kids mom family is in some sort of protection.
  8. Strong reason for overstating example illness with proof Sting ties in your country, be honest, however the not now later intention comment would not be a good answer to the Embassy
  9. So, a friend got a kid in Jamaica n the mom died the kid is not being taken care of properly, he have sores, unhappy as one of the teacher thinks something is amiss (he attends a prep school) Can he schedule an appt..with Embassy in US n go to citizen section n get the boy? He has the mom death cert. The kid is boarded out, mom family is in safety issues so he don't want the kid with them n his family lives here. Anyone knows about registering birth abroad? I forgot how.
  10. A family member scheduled to travel on Wed. to a funeral just discovered his passport expired July 23 the renewal dates is too long. Can be travel with the expired passport n naturalization ceft. Would American allow him to, any suggestions?
  11. I marvel at the way the world have become, prices, obsession of things, n rude ppl
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