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  1. Lastest update! checked ceac a few minutes ago and status changes to ISSUED!!! 😃😃😃😃😃
  2. Yes everything they asked for we had ready. I decided to open one 2 years ago because i wanted to have something joint with her atleast in DR since i cant add her to my account in the US
  3. We took a bank book which has withdraws and deposits but he siad he couldnt except that he needed a letter so we had to upload that.. its a DR based bank
  4. They required more evidence of the relationship, the officer specifically asked me for these things photos from 2019 (when i came to see her for the first time) untill may last trip before this one a doctors note of a treatment he put me on which I mentioned to the officer we were trying to have a baby so he asked for this and a Bank Letter stating both our names on the account and he kept the passport, still in AP today 😢😖
  5. Just an update on my case we went to the interview and received a 221g requesting more evidence which i uploaded the same night of the interview (March 7 2024) the officer kept my wife's passport.. My case status on ceac was in refused since that day. today my case went from refused to Ready, then to Administrative Processing. i have heard this is good news the fact that they kept her passport. Hopefully i get a issue notice soon..
  6. I have to check my passport to be sure but about 8 or 11 since 2019 sometimes for 2 weeks other times for a whole month
  7. So thats why i am asking will this be cause for a red flag to them and what should i expect during the interview this time..
  8. No i did not respond to it. Because our relationship did not last long after the interview.
  9. Oh no.. we just had a mutual cosin just om diffrent sides of that cousins family..
  10. I attended because i felt it would help the case for me to be there as well, as i plan to do for this one as well. If i remember correctly we answered everything correctly in the first interview before the stokes.. now that i recall we had a mutual cousin (he was my cousin on my dad side and her cousin on his moms side) but again just want to know what to expect
  11. Yes my second wife is from the same country. It was a consulate interview.. do u know and questions??
  12. Last time i checked the case status it says returned to NVC but again i dont remember the exact details of the denial…
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