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    BekkyBoo reacted to Our Destiny in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
    Yes i think they did. Consequently after speaking to ombudsman office and calling back my congressman earlier in the day. I received my approval in the night. I was shocked and caught off-guard when i saw it. My congressman told me, he will call me in the morning and was sure that he will get a response about my case from VSC. And the rep at the Ombudsman office told me i still have within 60 days (which would be Aug 20) before hearing a response. But I am happy and grateful that my persistance and efforts did not fall on deaf ears. Because I surely was becoming weary of this whole process. Seeing those approved around my NOA1 date and way after, made me have mixed emotions.
    I agree.Moving on and forward to the next phase in this visa journey. Looking forward to having my honey home soon
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    BekkyBoo reacted to rohandlulu in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
    Thank u Gurl! I appreciate that!! Anything u need let me know! Wait about 10 to 15 business days and call DOS to see if u have been assigned a kng number. Once u have it, email kingstonivappointments@state.gov with your signed( by ur boo) ds-230, stating you would like and interview date scheduled
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    BekkyBoo reacted to rohandlulu in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
    Omg yayyyyy bekky! Congrats Gurl!!
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    BekkyBoo reacted to Ashley903 in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
    Yay!!!!! I know you were sooooo anxious! Our NOA1 dates are the same so I am praying mine is right around the corner
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    BekkyBoo reacted to BLAKCAJUN in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
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    BekkyBoo reacted to Our Destiny in FINALLY....APPROVED!!!!!! :-) VSC --> TSC   
    Right behind you Becky. Received my NOA2 last night. Now i have a partner in crime lol
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    BekkyBoo reacted to Bugs in How do USCIS select what file to process next?   
    I think this is more accurate.

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    BekkyBoo reacted to Hank_ in How do USCIS select what file to process next?   
    Best I could do with a quick search !
    This any better?

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    BekkyBoo reacted to dave97232 in K1 Filed, can we do a wedding ceramony and not register it?   
    I think there are two ways of thinking about this which are getting intermixed in this discussion, and cause some confusion.
    One the one hand, you would not be legally married. It is just a ceremony. You can make up whatever ceremonies you want, for whatever intentions you want, say a "getting acquainted" ceremony. Since it's not a legal marriage, why should USCIS care? This line of thinking says it's no big deal, not visa fraud, and go for it.
    On the other hand, you really don't want to create problems for your interview. A "wedding ceremony" will be a huge red flag, and create a lot of problems for you and your fiancee to explain it.
    My fiancee and I thought about a non-legal marriage ceremony and we cancelled that plan because of this. It is just not worth making a big stressful difficulty for her interview. Our celebrations come after she has the visa.
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    BekkyBoo got a reaction from sarsorti in OMG Thank you God APPROVED on Valentines Day!   
    Awww what an easy and sweet date to remember the day you were approved! Congratulations!!! Send those positive vibes our way!!
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    BekkyBoo reacted to Bill and Tanya in 5 year ban - file for waiver before i129f?   
    Aaron2020, please do not reply to my post anymore. Your negativity is just not helpful. I had already admitted that what I did was stupid, and based on our own ignorance. My question was not posted asking for further chastisement in this regard, but for assistance in how to best proceed further. Thank you for your not so helpful remarks and opinions, I was speaking to you directly in my original post where I said I do ask that people refrain from bashing me for not knowing what we were doing, and all the "you should have" comments. I am sorry that my post was so long and that you did not read that far. The hotel manager did not give legal advice, just simply that shopping in El Paso was more advised to shopping in Juarez due to my ethnic race. The advice to go to the bridge was given to me by the US embassy, but I know now that they probably meant that a "permit" is predicated upon already having a valid entry visa, and a "shopping permit" simply does not exist.
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    BekkyBoo got a reaction from ianLeigh in K1 visa Please HELP   
    Click on the Guides link and you'll find the guide titled K1 Visa Guide which is super helpful!!I'm new to this site and the entire K-1 Visa process, but this guide Step-by-Step Guide on How to File for a K-1 Visa for your Foreign Fiance(e) really helps. The I-134 does not need to be included in the I-129F packet, that's for the next phase. Click the Guides link and you'll figure out everything as you go along. The forums with past discussions also helped answer a lot of my questions and clear up some confusion. Let me know how it goes and GOOD LUCK !
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