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    Met my wife first in a chat room and then pretty much forgot about that conversation.

    After a gap of 3.5 months, one fine morning I receive an email from her asking me if I remember her. We began talking to each other on a daily basis.

    Anyway after spending a lot of time talking, sharing, loving---we decided we had to take the next big step. After almost 9 months of intense courtship albeit online, I left for Virginia all the way from New Zealand to see my baby.

    The first time I looked into her eyes as she was waiting for me at the airport, I decided she is THE ONE. I do not know if there is a place called heaven, but I was in heaven the 10 days I spent with her. It was with a heavy heart and tearful eyes I left her and once I came back to New Zealand we applied for our K1 visa in August 2012.

    Since then we have been waiting, talking, comforting each other. NOA2---this 4 character word is the most popular expression in our vocabulary now.

    And we received our NOA2 on 22nd February 2013, exactly after 6 months, which is 184 days from NOA1 date-August 22nd 2012,

    I am in Virginia with my fiancee after successfully passing the K1 interview in Auckland consulate. Please check my timeline for further details.

    Received an online update that my green card has been approved on Dec 23rd. Received the green card on 30th December 2013.

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  1. Exciting times!! You should hear quite soon wont you? I think they are pretty quick and wait time for an interview only about 2 weeks. We still haven't done another petition. He is lining up all our information sent so far, visits and supporting documents and all the evidence from our meeting in Canada just after Xmas. The plan is to take it to his Congressman and ask for help.

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