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    Met my wife first in a chat room and then pretty much forgot about that conversation.

    After a gap of 3.5 months, one fine morning I receive an email from her asking me if I remember her. We began talking to each other on a daily basis.

    Anyway after spending a lot of time talking, sharing, loving---we decided we had to take the next big step. After almost 9 months of intense courtship albeit online, I left for Virginia all the way from New Zealand to see my baby.

    The first time I looked into her eyes as she was waiting for me at the airport, I decided she is THE ONE. I do not know if there is a place called heaven, but I was in heaven the 10 days I spent with her. It was with a heavy heart and tearful eyes I left her and once I came back to New Zealand we applied for our K1 visa in August 2012.

    Since then we have been waiting, talking, comforting each other. NOA2---this 4 character word is the most popular expression in our vocabulary now.

    And we received our NOA2 on 22nd February 2013, exactly after 6 months, which is 184 days from NOA1 date-August 22nd 2012,

    I am in Virginia with my fiancee after successfully passing the K1 interview in Auckland consulate. Please check my timeline for further details.

    Received an online update that my green card has been approved on Dec 23rd. Received the green card on 30th December 2013.

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  1. Finally oath ceremony done today. Big relief more than anything else.
  2. Finally finished with my oath ceremony today. What a big relief. Feels like a 100 pound boulder has been lifted off my chest. I wish everyone else who is waiting -all the very best.
  3. Thank you. Yes, when I received the N-652 ( a form which essentially lets you know the result of the interview) - the interviewing officer checked the box which essentially said "Congratulations, your application is recommended for approval". In my case that was on January 06th 2021 - and apparently my application went for some sort of a secondary review which is also normal in some cases.
  4. Oath ceremony scheduled on November 08th, 2021 Monday at 9 am. Even as I am typing this can't believe that finally this is happening. More than happiness I really only feel relief and even now there is this unbearable wait till the 08th of Nov. I wish everyone else waiting for their oath ceremony all the very best.
  5. Oath ceremony scheduled on November 08th, 2021 Monday at 9 am. Even as I am typing this can't believe that finally this is happening. More than happiness I really only feel relief and even now there is this unbearable wait till the 08th of Nov. I wish everyone else waiting for their oath ceremony all the very best.
  6. Thank you. The original installment agreement/payment plan was mailed to my address by IRS. As far as I can remember, I do not remember specifically placing a request to receive such an agreement plan - but again I may have pressed a button on the IRS website requesting them to send me one. I wish you all the very best - your situation is really pretty straight forward - as long as you can submit the proof - you should be good to go.
  7. While I may not be able to directly answer your question - I can let you know about my experience. Just like you I too had an installment agreement with the IRS. But in my case, what happened was that by the time I attended the citizenship interview - I actually paid off the rest of the balance I owed - so I took the bank statements to prove that I paid off the entire money that I owed to IRS. The interviewing officer did ask to see the original payment plan we had and the bank statements and that was the end of that. I would recommend - if you can - to pay off the rest of the balance - for just your own peace of mind. But I can also understand why you probably entered a payment plan to begin with -so if you can furnish all the documents that the RFE asks you to - I honestly believe you should be good.
  8. Thanks a lot. I will remember to not get into any traffic situations :).
  9. Congratulations to you too and thank you for your kind wishes. If I may ask, so that I can prepare in advance, can you please let me know what documents are you supposed to bring in to the oath ceremony? I believe you would have gotten a letter explaining to you the documents that you are to bring to the oath ceremony, right? Thanks in advance. Thanks a lot my friend.
  10. At long last my online status changed to " Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled We placed you in line for your oath ceremony and will send you a notice for Receipt Number IOE9379023033, with the date, time, and location of your oath ceremony. You should receive your notice within 30 days of its mailing date. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. I am still anxious and will only heave a sigh of relief after I actually get the physical notice in mail and eventually the naturalization certificate. I will post updates as I receive them.
  11. I checked my online status today and it says "Oath Ceremony will be scheduled". Now, I do not know if this happened in the normal course of events unfolding or if it is a result of a mail/letter I sent to the National Benefits Center inquiring them about the status of my case. I sent the letter based on the advice I received from the USCIS representative over the phone a few months ago. I still won't be believing this whole thing until I actually get my naturalization certificate in my hands. That is how tense I still am. The oath ceremony day cannot come sooner. I wish everyone else all the very best and I will update this thread with any new developments on my side.
  12. Thanks a lot Bing. My office is Norfolk - and the processing time there is between 8.5 to 16 months. And since I filed my N-400 last September - I guess I am still well within the processing time window. I sent a mail to the National Benefits Center last week on the advice of the USCIS phone representative. I will keep making requests every month just so that I do not lose my sense of sanity. Thank you so much once again for the information.
  13. How did you send the out of processing time request every month? Is it online or is it physical mail to the USCIS office? Please advise. Thank you.
  14. Even I was confused by that. I just really only followed the advice by the representative over the phone. I'll wait another month and then I will directly mail my local USCIS office.
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