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  1. Hi all, I have a query. How does one get to speak to a live person customer service, when phoning USCIS when in the US on 800-375-5283? Usually in the past, I have got onto someone. I'm wondering whether this is a new protocol to save money. Many thanks!
  2. Hi, also enquiring if anyone has applied for DS-117/ SB-1 visa and been successful? Thanks so much

  3. Hi all, just wondering again about re-entry card (1-131) expiry date deadline. Mine expires early July 2021.

    I applied for exemption to go to US. to live in US. This was rejected by ADF.

    Due to mitigating circumstances of covid19 and locked Australian boarders, has anyone applied for a delay of say 2 months to the date of re-card expiry date and received an extension? I know that I've asked this previously.

    The OZ govt has recently given visa extensions to overseas people residing in Australia. 

    I know there's the ds117 / SB-1 road, but it seems so complicated.

    A great forum!

  4. Hello, just wondering if others are in similar situation. I am currently in Australia and international borders are still closed. I applied to Australian Border Forces for an exemption to exit Aus. to relocate to US. I have current GC, however my 2 year re-entry permit expires in July 2021. I had intended to relocate 12 months ago to US, but I didn't think that border lockdown would be so strict and still be in place. Lockdown in Australia started March 2020. My exemption application was unsuccessful. I was advised in the reply notice to investigate with US consulates in Australia, as "provisions had be made for US visa holders outside the US" who were affected by Covid19 border restrictions. I did this via email, with my details and received a generic reply outlining responsibility of having a GC, which I am aware of. There were no provisions or amendments for re-entry permits and there was no mention of Covid19. Just hoping that there may be another avenue to explore! Best of luck to you all.
  5. Hello all, I am wondering if others are in same situation as myself. I have the re-entry permit (to keep the green-card). I am in Australia, we are unable to leave international boarders, due to Covid. It's unsure when these boarders will be opened. Will the deadline expiry date of re-entry permit, be strictly adhered to, if I can't return back to the US in time? I fear that I may lose the GC. Cheers
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