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  1. No, I do not have a visitor visa. I had applied for the same after his surgery but interview officer denied. i kept pleading that i really need this visa, she told me the reason for denial is that you father has applied for your immigration. Thanks.
  2. I called the NVC. they told me to expect the welcome letter 7-10 days from yesterday. Thanks
  3. I have already sent NVC the form query you mentioned and have confirmed from them that they have our email addresses on file. I will call NVC on Monday again. Thank you
  4. The I-130 was approved back in September 2012 Thank you
  5. As i mentioned that earlier we were hoping to call my father to India and pursue treatment here, the reason we started the treatment in US was cause of his worsening symptoms when he was in rehab following surgery. they did the mri scan cause he had more weakness on his right side, his mental state was very unstable he was extremely depressed. So the reason to expedite is to be with my father during this tough time.
  6. Thanks for your reply I am still waiting for welcome letter from NVC. I have called NVC a few times, they say you should get WL soon.
  7. Sir/Madam, I and my brother are waiting for F2B visa. Priority date is NOV 25 2011. The petitioner My Father, he is unfortunately diagnosed with Brain Cancer Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Stage -4. it is the worst form of Brain Cancer with very poor prognosis. ~(1 year to 14 months). He was rushed to hospital on 1 JUNE. He had severe weakness on his right side and was having trouble making words. Dr found swelling and bleeding on the right side of his brain. Dr. told us it is probably a tumor and must be removed through surgery ASAP. He underwent the surgery. Dr told us he was not able to completely remove the tumor cause it is situated in very sensitive part of his brain. So it was a partial removal. My father was then shifted to a physical rehab facility. We only got the pathology report last month. We were hoping to call him to India to us. but he had worsening of symptoms. Dr.s told us to start the treatment ASAP, as any delay could be fatal. so he had to undergo radiotherapy, the last dose was given yesterday. Dr. told us that they will wait for few weeks and they will do MRI scan on 28 of this Month and start chemotherapy first week of September. chemotherapy will take few courses lasting few months. can anyone guide me whether we could qualify for Expedite F2B processing/visa. Given our situation. Thank you for taking time and reading this message. I really appreciate any help
  8. Hi bro, I will call nvc later this week. Have you been able to login to there website to submit DS-260? How far have you gotten ? Thanks
  9. Our situation is that my father was just diagnosed with Primary Brain Tumor last Month, He had brain surgery to partially remove tumor on 11 June. He will require radiotherapy and chemotherapy and was suppose to get the same in the US, but because there is no one there to take care of him during the therapies, we had no other option but to call him to India and seek the treatment here. I have one more question. He does not have good source of income in the US, Medicaid/Medicare will be used to pay the medical bill. so i am assuming we will need joint sponsor So does the sponsor need to be a relative ? Thanks for taking the time and replying to me.
  10. Do you have your invoice id no. ? If so how did you got it ? Call or Email ?
  11. Hi Triple28, Can you please tell me the process like 1) Who will get the Welcome Letter, Will my Petitioner i.e. My Father or will i get the welcome letter. ? 2) Will there be any correspondence between my Petitioner i.e. My Father and NVC. if so what would that be ? My Father will be coming to India this week for Medical Treatment and will stay with us for few (3-4 or more) months So i am concerned how would that work if they would send some letter to him. Thank you
  12. Hi Jaynik, i have not yet received invoice id and i have not yet called nvc.