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  1. Thanks Cryssiekins. Please did you attach Form G-1145 with your I-751 package you mailed?
  2. Thanks Rick & Apple. Please did you attach form G-1145 in the package you sent?
  3. Hi Guys ! For those of you who mailed their I-751 package already, which mailing carrier is the best because it seems most people had issues mailing with USPS. Am thinking of sending mine not with USPS but other carrier . But the problem here seems if you are sending with other carrier rather than usps, you have to put on the package ATTN: I-751. And with USPS, you don't need to put that. Which one is be there guys. Thanks
  4. Thought thesame GBOS. Most people could be weird sometimes with their irrationality .
  5. Hi Guys ! I had some people arguing that the National Emergency declared today will be affecting all filing processes. At a point, I was involved and even told them it has nothing do with the filings, everything still remain the same. Just want to throw it out here to hear our different ideologies on that.
  6. Hi Guys! Sorry if someone asked this question previously. My question, the photocopied documents to sent with the I-751 application, will be better on black/white or colored. Or, can it be mixed where some documents are in color and others in black/white. Meanwhile, am thinking of photocopying mine in black/white then the pictures on colored. Please has anyone encountered any issue with regards to photocopied documents color. Will appreciate positive answers. Thanks all.
  7. Hi Cryssiekins, dmv gave the paper ID. But don't know how it will look like when attaching to the old photo I'D because dmv punched on the old, you can't really see all the info clearly Thanks Georgia 16
  8. Hi Guys ! I have a quick question, anyone with positive answer will really appreciate. I and my wife moved to a new home from an apartment few months now, so we decide to get a new ID/Driver's license with our new home address from DMV. After doing the application and submitting necessary documents needed, I got my new ID/Driver's license with our new address with 6 days but my wife hasn't come even after a month. We kept calling dmv and they kept giving us different response that they have mailed it which wasn't true because we found out on the internet that they have system glitch and some application couldn't be process anymore. Now, I want to mail out my I-751 package, should I mail it without putting my wife's ID/Driver's L because adding it will be another proof of joint residence and bonafide marriage because of her last name changed and the addressing bearing the same place. Or should i just sent it without her own and just mine only. Or should we go to dmv and resubmit her application on that and wait for few days to get hers. Please need an answer because this is a month and a week my window has opened. Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone! Wish to thank all of us for contributing positively towards my post. This page has been really helpful in this my journey. Meanwhile, have few questions with regard to I-751 cover letter, I don't know if someone posted this before or not. In writing the Cover Letter, whom should address it , the petitioner (green card holder) or the US citizen. In other words, whose name will be at the top right hand side of the letter with the address. Again, are both the petitioner and US spouse sign at the end of the Cover Letter. Last but not the least, on the personal check if am going to use that, am i allowed to use pen to put all other information that is not on the check based on the USCIS personal check sample . Thanks all.
  10. Thanks H-M. Just confused with that because I some sample cover letter where people added they came into US with B2, F1, F2 etc