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  1. Thank you Mike E. Putting that in consideration right away
  2. Thanks for your response. Honestly, this is very frustrating. However, I planning on suing them by the end of the month. Sometimes, we have to take the bull by the horn.
  3. I applied in July 2020, did my interview in August 2021. Passed the civic questions, till now, nothing has happened.
  4. Hi Guys. Does anyone know how to contact the ombudsman. I have tried filling the form 7001 online, and when I hit the submit button, an error message will appear. The message will say that I have no permission to access that link. Please, I need help. My n400 has been stuck for more than 17 months from the day of submission till the interview was completed. I did an e-request for a case outside normal processing time, and uscis sent me mail saying they do not have a time frame when they will complete my case. Please, what should I do now? This is very frustrating. My service center is CSC. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Good point @ African Zealot. I am thinking of waiting maybe just a month, not till 90 days to take that step. Thanks you for your response.
  6. Thank you for this awesome response. I was thinking the same as you suggested. Will wait a little bit, not up to 90 days and I will go the other path. Thanks once again.
  7. Hi everyone. I need suggestions from anyone that has encountered this situation like mine. I attended my n-400 interview in August this year, passed all the civic questions, and at the end of the interview, the office gave me a paper that said decision could not be made at the moment. She told me that within 100 days, I would hear back from USCIS. Now, is more than 120 days, and I called them to know what's going on. Yesterday, I received the attached letter from them. Does anyone know what I can do next? This is very frustrating.
  8. Thanks for your advice. It's not ridiculous at all. You made a great point.
  9. I didn't know the reason they were not able to make a decision right away after my interview, I passed all my civic test questions with missing any question. Meanwhile, I noticed that the officer has an attitude and a kind of upset right from the time she called me in.
  10. Hi Guys. I have some questions. To begin with, today marks it 2 months and one week after my naturalization interview. Passed all the civic questions and at the end, was given the paper that says "Decision Cannot Be Made At This Moment." Now my question is, when will I expect my oath ceremony scheduled? Meanwhile, I am planning on calling USCIS next week. Is it a good idea to call them? Finally, I have oversee trip to make first week of December. Should I cancel the trip and wait for my naturalization process to complete? My service center is CA. Good suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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