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  1. Thanks Danshinka. You gave a thorough explanation here.
  2. Hi Guys : I have few questions on filing n400. I have a pending i751 with WAC receipt number which is a year and a month now. My questions are; is it better to file n400 online or by mailing application form filled. The last question is what are the documents to submit when filing n400. Thanks all.
  3. Hi Guys : I wish to know experiences from those their case numbers started with WAC who filed n400 while having pending I-751. This question is specifically for those of us our Service Center is California. Am a kind of confused because my I-751 is now pending for 1year and 2months now. Few people suggested I should file for n400 to speed the pending i751 while some people told that filing n400 will slow the process more. Anyone that has experience this please share your stories with me. Thanks
  4. If I did understand you well, you meant I shouldn't file for N-400 now unless I have been interviewed for I-751 but still waiting for response. In that case, I can file N400 to make them response on the I-751. Thanks
  5. What's your service center and the year you applied I-751 and N400
  6. Hi guys. This question is mainly for California Service Center Applicant. My window to apply for citizenship (N400) opened 2days ago but I still have a pending I-751 stucked at fingerprint for my application has been applied as my status. My question is, I heard from a lawyer from New York saying is better to wait to get approved on the I-751 before filing for citizenship. And that will make the N400 application to move fast than combo (I-751/N400). Please, I will appreciate someone that has experienced this to explain it because am kind of confused either to wait for I-751 to get approve before filing N400.
  7. Wondering why CSC is taking that so long to process I-751. They should have being among centers processing it faster since presumably the state supports immigrants.
  8. Thanks Malauriea. But hope there is no specific time frame to file for citizenship if I should decide to wait for the I-751 to get approved first.
  9. Its really frustrating how CSC takes so long more than other service centers. Filed my ROC a year now, and nothing has happened after recieving the extension letter and biometrics completed. I don't know if to file for my citizenship since my window has opened or just still wait for the ROC to complete. Any possitive answers will be appreciated if you had similar issue.
  10. @GhQuestions, thanks for your response. Meanwhile, haven't got any RFE from them atall. Everything should be alright but its taking so long.
  11. Hi Guys ! Am back again with some urgent questions please. I filed for my I-751 (ROC) last year February, 2019, received the 18months extension and did my bio metrics 2months after receiving extension letter. Till today, haven't heard back from USCIS and my status says "fingerprint applied to my application. Now, am getting close filing citizenship. My questions are;should I submit my citizenship application or just still wait for my I-751 application or should I call USCIS to know why its taking so long. Also, is there any 90days rule for applying for citizenship? Will really appreciate anyone with thesame issue or has been on thesame boat to answer me please. Kind of confused now and more over, my service center is Cali. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks guys for responding positively on travelling with 18months extension letter.
  13. Hello guys ! I have an important question. Although have seen similar questions from other forum but still confused with the different answers. My question is, can I travel outside US in December with my 18months extension letter and my expired GC or do I need to get my passport stamped at my local USCIS. Please, anyone with recent travel experience on this. I will appreciate any positive response.
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