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  1. @stevelnbostonI130, have already filed I-130 on line, do not know when to file the rest of the forms.( I-485, I-864, I-765 and I-131) thanx
  2. @Boiler the guide only talks about mailing. I-130 has changed to online application for people living in the USA.
  3. Hello everyone, I appreciate your constant help. Can anyone guide me to what happens after you file for I-130 online for a spouse living in the USA. I know previously one could mail all other forms together with I-130. He has already filed the I-130 online. He want to know the next steps, i.e. adjustment, work authorization all other stuff. Thanks
  4. the daughter was 17 years when they got married. thanks for helping.
  5. we thought he could apply for both processes, Visa for the daughter and green card for the mother at the same time. how soon can he apply for the visa for the daughter after they get married?
  6. the daughter is 18 years and they have been married for 3 month. been together for two years. Thanx
  7. Crazy cat, I am the one helping him with their immigration stuff, how soon should she they apply for the daughter`s visa.
  8. My best friend, an American citizen, recently married a beautiful lady from Zimbabwe, she is a student living in the USA. she has a daughter back in Zimbabwe. He wants to apply green cards for both them. The mother lives with him in the USA and the daughter lives in Zimbabwe. Can he apply for both green card at the same time? What is the process? Thank you all.
  9. hello does anyone know what case numbers are being processed at National service center?
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