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  1. No we applied F2a on October 20 2020 and since then no news. Visa bulletin says the visa is supposed to be current but there is just no one to ask. Do you have any info on that?
  2. One more question- when you fille for I-130 for your spose do you have to add all proofs in section “evidence” or just the major one ( marrige certificate) and later on in ds-260 you can add others. Becuse if it is-I could apply for her now and not wait till we gather all possible proofs of bona fide marrige. Thanks in advance
  3. Looks like SuzieQQQ was right- her category is baned because I am PR and not US citizen.Anyway we can apply and hope the ban will be lifted from 2011
  4. I found it on You Tube. Could you please( if you know) clarify are F2A visas banned now? Because in visa bulletin in first table it says final action dates forF2A -current
  5. Is that mean that her category NOT BANNED by president ? Thank YOU for a good news!
  6. Hi,everyone Visa journey and people here was a great help while I was going through my immigration process. I was F2B category. And by this category I was not able to get married until I enter the US and get my green card. It was long 8 years of waiting process. Now I have to start all over again. immigration process for my girlfriend that was left in my home country. As soon as I received my green card and became a permanent resident I flew back to my country and we got married. So now she is F2A category and can qualifiy for CR-1 visa ( which is TEMPORARY banned - I know :(( but still I can apply to USCIC.) Now a tricky question- we were a couple for 20 years but was never officially married (last 8 years because of my visa category). When now I am applying for her I -130 can I show that although officialy I was single we were living as a couple and you could say in a common law marriage??? Will that fact not harm my GC status? Or should I just tell that we lived together only after official marriage certificate ( she had a differnet address)? Also should I show as a proof of our relations that we always traveled on vacation together? Thank you in advance who will share your thoughts. God bless
  7. Hi Today my interview for immigration visa in Embassy was schedueled for December 02. Main question- do I need originals affidavit of support of my sponsor to it or copies are good. Thanks
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