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    Chi, my heart aches for you, soo sorry that now you have been delayed. For your next move K1 or CR1, I don't think that Lagos is hung up on age differene only because I just turned 42 and my fiance just 26, I have one 6 yr old and fiance none yet, but I made sure that we had so much evidence, Facebook screenshots, Skype, Messinger, Rebtel, Voxophone, Google voice, my tel entire bills with call logs and highlited our calls to each other , made sure all was in folders and all well organized, I overkilled evidence left no room for denial, but souds like your CO may have gotton up on the wrong side of the bed you your day of interview. Whichever way you choose next you will be fine prayed for you good luck with your next move and please keep hanging in there.
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    Amen. Good luck! Ours is next month. My sweetie is Lagos doing medical and police report. Looking forward to your review.
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