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    Met in 2003 online. I was a goth girl and he was a metal boy. Back then we had a crush on each other, but we clearly lived too far. (and clearly weren't ready :P)
    So we stayed friends but it was very obvious that we liked each other.

    Eventually though, we parted ways. We both dated people on each side,people who were no good for us. I eventually just gave it up, deciding to focus on doing things I like to do and just living for myself, not in wait of love to show up.

    Late January/Early February 2011, he suddenly logged back on msn. I wasn't using that program much anymore, but coincidence had it, that I would be sitting at my computer at that exact moment. I was so happy to just get to chat with him again! Happy doesn't even begin to describe it. I asked him if he played games on console. We started playing online together. We had both changed styles and grown older since then, but the crush was still there, still growing.

    We haven't stopped talking to each other everyday since then.

    In May 2011, he came over to Montreal to visit. I was a bit nervous. Didn't want to 'expect' the chemistry to be perfect, but hoping it would be.
    As he walked through the gate, he skipped waiting on his luggage to come say hi to me right away. The moment he was in front of me, I saw his nervous/shy "I really like you" smile...I knew. We spent the best week together. In July, I visited him in Seattle, WA. It was another great week.
    When I returned to Montreal, I realized I had left my heart in Washington.

    We spoke of marriage and in November we finally filed for the K1 visa. It took awhile before we saw each other in person again. He was brewing something. I knew what it was because we both knew of the intentions we both had.
    Upon arriving in Montreal in March 2012, he proposed to me right where we first kissed the year before. <3

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