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  1. Nicholas1787

    Waiting for interview and green card

    Thank you both!
  2. Hi all, I'm a permanent resident, and submitted the N-400 form in April 2017. Then I had my biometrics appointment in May 2017. Since July my account has listed me as being scheduled for an interview. In the meantime, my permanent resident card will expire in early 2019. I realize this is a year away, but I wondered what happens if I don't hear back about my citizenship in the next few months? Should I renew the green card in order to keep my status as a legal resident? Many thanks for your thoughts on this.
  3. Nicholas1787

    In line for interview?

    Thank you both, much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, On July 19 I received an updated from USCIS - in my case status account it says "...we started the interview scheduling process for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization... We will send you an interview notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice." Do you know how long it takes to get this notice in the mail? I haven't received a letter yet about when the interview will be, and wasn't sure how long it usually takes between receiving the the notification and actually getting the letter. Thank you!
  5. Thank you both! CookieCat, I believe my local office is Baltimore. I didn't see any estimated times on their website, but any further thoughts you may have would be appreciated. Thank you again.
  6. Hello all, I went to my biometrics appointment a few weeks ago. However, when I log-in to MyUSCIS, the most recent status is "Fingerprint appointment was scheduled". Under that there is a section for "Next Steps" that says "We will prepare your case for officer review." Is this pretty typical? Do you know if the status stays the same, even though my fingerprints/photographs were taken? Thanks!
  7. Thank you Lona and DSM! As it turned out, I just got a notification that the application was delivered yesterday!
  8. Hi everyone - my spouse and I sent the N-400 application packet to USCIS on April 15, and I've been using the US Postal Service certified number to track it. Unfortunately the USPS site says the package is "In Transit, Delayed" - and it's been stuck with this status since April 19. Has anyone else had issues with their applications being delayed or lost in the mail? How long did you wait? I'm wondering when I should print another copy of the application and send it by FedEx or UPS this time. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone - I'm starting the naturalization process and had a question about names. Does USCIS use your current legal name (from Part 2, question 1, on the N-400 form) for your name once you are naturalized? My green card currently has a middle name - which is not part of my legal name - and I'm ok with that middle name going away. So I just wanted to check that USCIS would use my current legal name, versus the name on my green card. Thank you!