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    Aymerlu got a reaction from MsNina in reapplying for K1 visa again   
    Sure you can re apply again with all the waiting again. If I had to do the waiting all over again, I would seriously end up in a mental hospital. No way I'd let those 90 days pass without getting married. Best of luck to you!
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    Aymerlu got a reaction from Amica Nostra in When will the left disavow the violent hate groups blm and antifa?(Merged)   
    When Khallid was still in Egypt we would talk at many different times. Since he would always go to bed around 4:00 am his time we were almost on the same sleep pattern. We talked to each other 5 or more times a day for over a year.....I'm soooo glad to get rid of that phone bill!
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    Aymerlu got a reaction from Liz Rodriguez in Bidets   
    I bought a cheaper bidet and installed it by myself a few months back. Seems to be working well! Still have the toliet paper though.....I'm not much into drip drying.
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