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  1. I need some help from Venezuelan people.... I brought my venezuelan Birth certificate Legalize (It means the Birth-1 page plus the others sheets from the Interior and Foreign Ministers that they attached to the Birth certificate with stamps and other writings certifying the hand written sign of the civil registrator of the parish is authentical ......Venezuelan people will know what I mean.... My question is.... for the AOS I need to send a translation of this document....so we talk to some US lawyers and I had differents answers on how the translation should be: 1) Just the only page where the birth certificate is written (my name, date of birth, parents names, etc) and signed by the parish registator. 2) All the pages including the ones attached from the Internal and Foreign Minister (Haya Convention - Apostilla), even some of them just say something like this: I, Peter XXXX, main register of this parish certify that Im able to legalize the hand written sign of the previous document..... And in both cases, signed by the translator and a notary??? What about if I do the translation in Venezuela...I know US embassy in Caracas have a list of certified translators....Do they Notarize it too???.... What should I do???...Im so confused!! :bonk: Thanks
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