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  1. riaz_m_syed

    evidence for bonafide marriage

    arranged marriage May 26th 2018, we havent lived together. what kind of evidence people give for arranged marriages?
  2. Not sure if you call it arranged marriage or not. my family placed ad in news paper and then I personally visited India to meet her in person couple of times. Then after i came back to usa we get to know each other for few more weeks on social media before i sent her proposal for marriage.
  3. i visited one month ago and met her couple of times in April and then i made a decision to get married to her in June
  4. Dear VisaJourney'ers I got married in India May 26 2018. we have not lived together. what kind of evidence can I give for bonafide marriage. Its a very new marriage and we do not have any financial accounts etc. We have only know each other since few weeks before marriage. what kind of evidences can I provide?
  5. Wow thanks much for your help.
  6. Dear VJers good day I got recently married in India...my wife has 4 children all under 10 years age. I'm USC. my wife and her children are Indian citizens. Can I file one I130 for spouse and her children OR Do I need to file 5 Petitions separately? thanks in advance
  7. riaz_m_syed

    Dont rush on Marriage after Fiance(e) arrives in U.S.A.

    Agreed! Not everyone is smart as you are!
  8. riaz_m_syed

    Dont rush on Marriage after Fiance(e) arrives in U.S.A.

    Yes I agree that's the best way unless u know well don't file for k1 There are many people I know who get really excited to marry someone just through interactions on whatsapp skype. That's not enough. Yes they go and meet the fiancé(e) once or twice for few days just to meet the requirements of k1 visa. That's not enough to make up your mind for marriage.
  9. riaz_m_syed

    Dont rush on Marriage after Fiance(e) arrives in U.S.A.

    There are many people who fully satisfy the meeting requirement and they still haven't lived together. Long distance relationship is NOT the same as living together. After you live with the person...that's when you know the real person
  10. riaz_m_syed

    Dont rush on Marriage after Fiance(e) arrives in U.S.A.

    Not everyone have spent significant time together under one roof. But many have like you may not need extra time.please don't be riled up, this is helpful for those who haven't spent enough time under one roof.
  11. I hope people take this seriously...If you do, you will save yourself huge grief. After your fiance comes to U.S.A. take at least one or two months or full 90 days before you get married. Remember, all this while you have not gotten a chance to live with each other. chat and video is different from the reality of living together. So it gives both partners time to make sure they really want to get married and after you are absolutely sure, then go ahead with marriage. Actually, that is the purpose of the 90 day limit of marriage. Because getting married will bring lot of liabilities on the couple, so be careful. Helps eliminate fraud as well
  12. Hello! How are you? I see your process went fast from NVC to Jakarta! My NOA 2 was may 19 but until now case at NVC still haven't sent to Jakarta. How did this process go for you?

    1. riaz_m_syed


      Im fine . My file was sent to Jakarta Mar 30  but the people at Jakarta kept telling us we haven't received your file while NVC said it has been sent. It was April 12 So when I spoke to NVC and told them they said your file is in Jakarta and I can see in database. The officer told me he'll call Jakarta and fix this. That's when everything went fast and after couple of days we

      got email and then interview date

      id suggest you keep contact with Jakarta and NVC. Also

      track where your package. Allow 5 days for the DHL courier to send it to Jakarta.

    2. riaz_m_syed


      When Jakarta gave me interview date they gave one week notice...not enough time to get results for medical...so I had to discuss with Jakarta and then asked questions to understand and then they rescheduled.

  13. After Embassy receives the case from NVC, it contacts petitioner's email requesting beneficiary's email/address/phone. After petitioner responds with information, the embassy sends beneficiary with the packet 3 info. see below. After beneficiary has all documents ready, he/she can send email to jakiv@state.gov with case number and stating that he/she is ready for interview. embassy then sends interview email to beneficiary/applicant as shown below.
  14. Does anyone know what packet 3 looks like for jakarta embassy? what is the process after receiving packet 3