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  1. https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India register yourself on this site by creating a new account and fill all the required information of beneficiary/applicant. you need to select the passport pick up location and VAC (Visa Application Center) appointment with date and timings for fingerprints. Make sure you choose fingerprints before consular interview. You can go to any VAC location in India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc. once youre done with this appointment and passport pickup location you need to get an appointment confirmation letter for this VAC appointment and you need to carry it as well during the fingerprints day. FYI, Mumbai slots are filling fast for August, so book it ASAP. And don’t forget to call your area’s approved physician hospitals for medical interview in advance, they are busy as well. We just booked it yesterday and they gave us medical appointment on 10 Aug, they don’t have any early slots available before that ... it depends on the workload in that particular location of hospital but in India nothing is easily available.
  2. Thank you pd3, and congrats to you as well ... most of you guys will attend before me. Mine will be on 29Aug, almost last days of month ... Please dont forget to share the details ...
  3. Does anyone has any idea about the availability and safety of Uber, Ola or other private cab services in Mumbai for early morning interviews? Is it safe to use these services in Mumbai or do the arrangement with hotel in advance? Any suggestions?
  4. I just received an IL this morning Pd: 18th May17 CC: 10th MAY 17 Interview Date: 29th Aug19 mumbai consulate Finally, it’s a big relief!! Thank god ...
  5. Everyone knows the reason but nobody speak .... like they said in Harry Potter movies for referring Voldemort ... You-Know-Who .... hahahahaha
  6. First stage: I-130 files at USCIS, for example: 100 petitions. Second stage: Approved petitions received by NVC, let’s assume outta 100, 70 approved petitions are received by NVC and assigned case numbers to them for further process. Third stage: Consular processing completed by 40 outta 70 cases with DQ notification. Only DQ cases are eligible to get an interview abroad once their PD is current. As per the para you refer above states that NVC has very low numbers of DQ cases as of right now, and we all know why this happened bcoz till PD Dec 16 cases were approved in just 6-7 months time after filing with USCIS sometime back in year 2017. After those bulk approvals, USCIS did not touch any case whatsoever for very very long time. Then, suddenly they start approving 2017 PDs petitions early this year and the backlog was so great that now California service center has start sharing the work load with other service centers as well. And people are getting approvals on daily basis nowadays even dec 17 got approved recently. Looks like they are about complete all 2017 cases in next few months and 2018 cases will start getting approvals soon. So, basically it’s a series of events (I-130 to NVC to DQ to IL) which are dependent on each other extensively. Though, there are lot of cases are waiting for IL with DQ status right now. I think but I’m not sure just trying to be optimist here, that NVC is planning to pile up all DQ cases by the end of this year i.e. Sept 2019 to plan the numbers, effectively. And the PD will be retrogressed in October VB for sure and that PD will be more correct with calculated numbers keeping true demand in consideration rather than vague numbers. Looks like they are clearing the backlog of F4 and F3 these days because these categories are getting ILs in real time, one of an F2A folk’s uncle received IL for F4 and his date is just got current in Aug bulletin (real time) not waited for 5-6 months like F2A. I hope once the dates retrogressed after calculating the DQ in hand, they might issue ILs and start clearing the backlog of F2A from October onwards. But, current situation is not clear that’s for sure, and we are truly on their mercy ... May god help us.
  7. Welcome to the group of Documentarily Qualified people's QUEUE!! People are waiting from last 6 months .... in fact nobody has received an IL with 2017 PD in India for very very super busy MUMBAI Consulate. Reason?? Maybe they are very busy with Tourist Visa, Student Visa (Upcoming Fall Session), Entertainment Visa for Bollywood Actors to perform in american cities this summer, Asylum Visa and all other highly prioritized visas. We are just F2As, we can wait ...
  8. God knows what's going on ... everyone is clueless, this has never seen or experienced in the history of US immigration. Just be positive and try to be calm and relax, I am also one of the frustrated people like you. Eagerly, I am checking CEAC website, visajourney and Facebook F2A page thousand times a day ... in a hope that one day some NVC or Mumbai Consulate official will think about us and show some mercy on us .... God help us all.
  9. Any Mumbai consulate interviews?? Any news anybody? NVC and Consulate are working on F2A cases or not? Both are making excuses on each other... who’s accountable for this delay? Generally, around what time of month NVC starts sending ILs?
  10. Please share your case completed date ...
  11. Congrats on interview letter!! do you mind sharing the date when your case got completed at NVC? Finally Mumbai consulate started, please share the date when your case got completed at NVC?
  12. But why did they shut down Delhi Embassy?? Anyway, looking at this response the waiting times for F2A for India is more than 2.5 or 3 years now?? so it’s backlog and they don’t know when it will clear it can take upto several months. This "Several" scares me now, how long?? Did he/she gave any ballpark figure? 3, 4 or 6 months?? Unnecessarily, Legal Immigrants' family members are getting screwed up in this process. Crappy H1Bs and their spouses are coming like in great numbers here ... nobody is stopping them from India. We followed the right and legal approach and suffering unnecessarily, where students are enjoying OPT/CPT joke to get the jobs away and they are bringing their spouses as well. On top of that they all need EADs to work and get it too .... I seriously support trump's "Buy-American Hire American" ideology but why LPR spouses/children are needed to wait for that long?? ... Non-sense. They need to give preference to F2A over all other NON-IMMIGRANT applicants (Tourist, Student, Entertainment, H1B etc.) They don't even issue tourist visa to LPR spouses due to lack of strong ties to home country ... what kinda stupid rule is this?? no alternative relief for us, waiting times for Mumbai Consulate for all other non-immigrant visas like tourist, student, H1b, H4 and other ####### is only 50-60 days ... 😡🤬
  13. Somebody under CR1/IR1 Spouses of Citizen created this thread to capture the date from CC to Interview Date time: Whether it is Citizen's Spouses or current F2A Spouses (Current in VB) with Documentarily Qualified status, all of them are waiting to get their visa numbers on the basis of slot provided by Mumbai consulate. I hope NVC is treating equally to both spouses and not giving any kind of privilege to IR1/CR1 over F2A where F2A is current with Doc. Qualified status. Following is the snapshot they are maintaining in spreadsheet: Looks like the last slot was allotted on 9th May 19 for the month of June 19. Many people are not updating their timelines and Mumbai Consulate is not sharing the monthly visa allotment list of cases what it used to do long time ago. But, just an estimate by looking at others experiences, one should wait at least 60-90 days after cc till interview date under IR1/CR1 and I think plus 30 days more in case of LPR spouses. It's just my assumption by looking at the trend right now, nobody knows at this moment what is going on in reality. FYI ... My case was completed on 10th May 19. And my case got current in last bulletin and yes obviously it is one and only MUMBAI Consulate. Why did they shut down New Delhi Embassy ... 😥 god knows why ... no comments!!
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