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    We first met on the coast ,when I was 17, while I was on vacation visiting relatives in Oregon, and Amr was on a scholarship program there. After we met he came to visit me several times, and we fell in love. Two years latter we got married. We have now been happily married for 3 years, however we did encounter some problems... The economy wasn't good and his University was cutting funds, so of course they cut his 2nd scholarship... On his J1 visa he was subjected to the 2 year rule so he abruptly had to go back to his country. When he went back we were separated for 3 months. When I had enough money I moved to Egypt, and we both stayed with my in laws for 7 months. Amr then found an opportunity in Germany to finish his masters.... I went back to the US because I had to (we didn't have enough money for both of us to live there), and then the Germany thing didn't end up working out because the University misinformed Amr telling him they could transfer his credits (a whole years worth), when they really couldn't. So we both ended up moving back to Egypt, after being away from each other 9 months. It is finally the 2 year mark, since he has been in Egypt, so now we can finally finish up the visa process. Now we are just waiting on getting our final interview. Hopefully we can finally get the chance to live a normal life as a happy married couple. :)
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