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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    Dominican Republic
  • Our Story
    Met- 07/2010

    Engaged-11/28/2010 - right before taking me to the airport

    Married- 1/3/2011

    found out about interview 08/10/11

    Interview-9/29 and Denied

    Met with my congressman 10/03

    10/18 - sent letter to General Consul (never replied)& Dept. of state (gave me a general imput) regarding the way I was treated at the embassy (certified)

    10/24 - Congressman sent me letter saying case was denied and would be returned in near future

    11/03 - NVC sent letter regarding our interview that already passed

    12/22 - Received letter from the Embassy saying my case was being returned in near future (again)

    1/3/12 - 1st yr Anivversary together in DR = )

    2/24/2012 - Case sent back- (5 months after interview!!!)

    CSC received-5/1/2012

    now waiting...
    6/1/12-nothing, still waiting...
    07/01/12-nothing, still wating...
    08/01/12-nothing..still waiting
    09/01/12-nothing..still waiting

    09/26/12- received email that reviews are taking up to 6 months so I should receive something by November 1st

    1st year since interview and still nothing-9/29/12
    10/01/12- nothing....still waiting

    10/18/12 - letter from congressmans saying that CSC is taking 180 days to review case

    11/01/12-nothing....still waiting
    12/01/12-nothing....still waiting
    01/01/13-NEW YEARS!!! but still nothing...still waiting

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  1. STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!! Y nada todavia....Ay mi madre!! Mas paciencia Dios mio, mas paciencia te imploro

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    2. perez525


      jejeje thanks so much honey!!! I'm defitenely looking forward to coming by Perth Amboy. My hubbys very close friend lives there and ya mismito arrancamos para alla. And I will defitenely let him know about the gun lol. God bless you guys also!! And much more!

    3. eromano6981


      Cuando viene a ver lo conosco...lol Este pueblito es tan pequeño. Do hit me up when you pass by. Pero que no venga con la pistola pa ka...lol

    4. perez525


      lmaoo ta to yo le digo que deje la pistola en la casa. and i will be defitenely calling you!