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  Petitioner's Name: La Negra
Beneficiary's Name: El Negro
VJ Member: eromano6981
Country: Dominican Republic

Last Updated: 2013-06-04
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Immigration Checklist for La Negra & El Negro:

USCIS I-130 Petition:      
Dept of State IR-1/CR-1 Visa:    
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

IR-1/CR-1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : California Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Dominican Republic
Marriage (if applicable): 2011-01-03
I-130 Sent : 2011-02-22
I-130 NOA1 : 2011-02-28
I-130 RFE :
I-130 RFE Sent :
I-130 Approved : 2011-05-31
NVC Received :
Received DS-261 / AOS Bill : 2011-06-21
Pay AOS Bill : 2011-06-23
Receive I-864 Package :
Send AOS Package : 2011-08-01
Submit DS-261 : 2011-06-24
Receive IV Bill : 2011-06-28
Pay IV Bill : 2011-07-01
Send IV Package :
Receive Instruction and Interview appointment letter :
Case Completed at NVC : 2011-08-09
NVC Left :
Consulate Received : 2013-05-03
Packet 3 Received :
Packet 3 Sent :
Packet 4 Received :
Interview Date : 2013-06-04
Interview Result : Approved
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received :
US Entry :
Comments : Received NOIR 2/11/2013....responded 3/13/13.
Reaffirmed-4/10/2013......NVC received and forwarded case to embassy 4/25/2013.
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-130 was approved in 92 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 827 days from your I-130 NOA1 date.

Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Dominican Republic
Review Topic: General Review
Event Description
Review Date : June 11, 2013
Embassy Review : We arrived at the consulate at about 4:45am. The buscones were all over the place trying to tell people that interviews set for 7am had to make a line on the other side of the street and all documents needed to be stapled or you would be denied. I was telling people not to listen to them that they just looking for a way to take their money and that it's not true about making a line on the other side. There was like 10 people in front of us. We got lucky #022. I was STARVING so I told my hubby to sit near the cafeteria cuz as soon as it opened he was going to buy me food.
At about 8:15 we were called to window 26. The lady asked for my hubby name and he told her. She reaches down and puts a humungus folder in front of her. I told my hubby that it was the package of proof I provided with my response to the NOIR letter. My hubby said "el diache!!!!" and I said...well they wanted proof, I sent them proof. The folder also had all inquiries I had made and the ones my congressman made as well. The whole thing was like 8 inches thick!!! She asked for the passport, pin receipt, police report,BC, marriage certificate and divorce certificate. She reviews everything and noticed that our marriage certificate and his divorce were not legalized!!!! Omg I was sooooo pissed at my hubby!!! I started to yell at him in front of the lady!! I couldn't believe he didn't get them legalized when I had repeatedly told him to do so. The lady said it was ok that we could submit that later. I was so upset cuz I didn't want anything to cause any delays but anyways....there was nothing I could do. We go back to our seat and had my hubby buy me a sandwich and a coffee. It was sooooo hot in that embassy...Jesus Christ I thought I was going to melt in there. The line to pay domed was getting bigger n bigger. That made me feel even more confident. At about 11:15we were called to window 26 again. I thought the lady was going to tell us something bad regarding the documents that were not legalized. This time there was a nice lady (very gringa.....tall, red head, blue eyes). A cool breeze came from the little opening from the window and I just wanted to stay there. She asked how we were and I said I was burning that it was really hot!! She smiled and agreed. She asked to lift our right hand and then swore us in. She only asked me (thank she said.....I see you guys had an interview in...... I cut her off and answered "yea in sept. 2011" she asked...."so what's been going on since then" I told her that we were still together. She then asked how many times I had traveled since the denial...I said 5 times. Then asked to see my old and new one. She asked when was the last time I was there prior to this one. Then she asked what happened in the 1st interview? I told her " well the investigator we had treated us horribly and was very rude and according to him we answered things different and some things he said he asked he actually didn't and I provided proof in my NOIR response. He thought our marriage was fake so he denied us." she then asked for the age of my son and where the dad lives.I told her that my son doesn't have a dad. So she asked if he was in my sons life n I said no neither will I allow it. She kept looking at the computer and clicking something with the mouse. Then she said to have a seat that we would be called by our ticket number. I felt reproved cuz if they called by the ticket number then that meant we wouldn't go to I thought.
Hours go by, the line to domed was getting big again, some people were called to window 13 (the investigation fraud unit....anyone called here is called by name not by ticket number). Everytime I heard the buzzer my heart raced thinking that I was going to be called.
I was so tired and cranky and hungry and mad that we hadn't been called yet. There was only one couple left and us. It was about 4:00pm and the buzzer goes on.....(my hubby name was called). Omg I was soooo mad!!! I got up the bench and said "yo no puedo creer eta vaina!!!! Otra vez tenemos ke pasar por la misma mierda!!!!" so we go to the back. Out came this guy and told us to go in. He took us to room A. He told me to put down my portfolio and to sit outside cuz my hubby was going first. I could tell he was dominican and that made me even more angry. I we go again, another idiot!!! Something wasn't right with the computer in that room so they went to another room. I waited and waited...each minute to me seemed like am hour. I saw a guy come out of the room where I was interviewed the first time and felt bad for him if he was being interviewed by the same jerk I had. Finally my hubby comes out and the investigator comes to get me. He told my hubby to sit outside and brings me inside the room. I really wanted to be mean and have nlan attitude but I decided that maybe that would just complicate things more so I just bit my tongue. I asked if he wanted me to close the door n he said "si chula." right there my guard fell down because the way he said that was such in a nice way.
The following questions were asked:
Name of my kids dads?
Date of birth?
My name?
My age?
Hubby age?
What I sent my hubby for his bday?
What I did on my bday?
How I go to work?
What kind of car I have?
How much I make?
How much is my rent?
Who my hubby live with?
What kind of job he has?
Does he sell old or new cars?
What side of bed he sleeps?
Did we have sex last nite? The nite before?
What color is my nite gown? What hubby slept in?
Do we use contraceptive? What kind?
Does hubby have kids? Since doesn't he asked y I don't give him one...I told him I would not go thru another pregnancy by myself...he laughed
The door suddenly opens and I look to my right....OMG I COULDN'T BELEIVE IT!!!!!!! It was the jerk that denied us!!!! I started to get a panic attack and the jerk closed the door. The investigator asked if I was ok and I told him to give me a minute. I then told him that yhe person that opened the door was the jerk who denied us....then he asked what happened. As I explain the occurrence in my last interview a lady came and saw that I looked messed up so asked if I was ok. I started to explain what happened so she asked the investigator who was the one who interviewed us. The investigator told her "el amigo" with irony. I then knew that this jerk is known for what he does. He told her to look at all my proof. She was shaking her head looking at all my stuff. And I also said I had more stuff. I told them that I understand that DR is a high fraud country and that investigations needed to be done but there is no reason for one to be treated so horribly like us. Not only did he treat us wrong but he waited until february of the following year to send the case back and lied about the questions that were asked. At this point I was crying.
The investigator asked a few more questions..
1st n last time we had sex?
How I met my hubby brother?
Last time I visited?
What airline I came through?
Who picked me up?
When I leave?
How I gave birth?
How often we speak?
Who showered first?
How long I been at my job?
Who I live with?
He then said he was done. I thanked him for not treating my bad and told him God bless him. He smiled.
So me n hubby went to the front.we waited for like 15 min. The couple that was interviewed by the jerk were called first. Like 5 min later we were called....ticket #022 to window 25. As we go in the other couple came out and noticed they were denied because of the quite slip and the look on their faces. I felt so bad for them.
There was a tall gringo....very nice. He said "well the interview went well" I was looking at him with a confused face...did that mean we was approved?? He then said "yes, your visa has been approved!!!!!" Ithe words I had deaperately waited to hear for so long.....I lifted my arms up and crying I yelled "bandit sea Dios!!!!!!" I jumped on my hubby and cried hysterically!!!! I could let go of my hubby...we were so happy n I was an emotional wreck.
He then said "now I don't want to scare you with what I'm about to say...we can't issue the visa until the documents are legalized but you cambiar domex. Once you have it go to window 28/29 outside the embassy and deposit it with the passport.
I hugged my hubby again and was jumping up n down with him locked in my arms.
This was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

I want those that are experiencing a similar situation as me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes you will struggle, yes you will cry, yes you will feel like the end of the world has reached ur door but never ever ever ever loose faith!!! Many of you know what I went through in this journey I like to call war of love. I list one battle but Gid helped me win the WAR!!!!
Gods timing is always strong and trust him cuz he knows what's best and knows when it is best.
God bless you all.....any questions...ask


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